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Many people have bad credit history, almost half a million according to Namsmannen. For those who have one or more payment notes, it is almost impossible to get more loans from the traditional mortgage lenders, despite the fact that payment notes may be several years old.

Larger loans with no fixed income

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Now there are companies that do more accurate financial control, they look more at the future ability to pay than the historical one. They look at the borrower can pay interest and fees and base their assessment on it instead of a payment default, which can last for three years.

This will allow them to feel more confident about the customer’s ability to pay, thus offering more loans. They can also offer loans to those who are looking for a loan with no fixed income. Have the applicant, such as a home, so that it can be used as security.

More about payment remarks

More about payment remarks

How long does a payment note last? A payment note can be up to 3 years for ordinary people, for legal persons it is 5 years. The complaint is seen as an indication that you have a bad economy. The time a complaint is registered also varies depending on the type of debt it is about. Today debt, but still Payment neglect.

A payment default remains in credit records for 3 years, whether or not the debt is settled later. For these it is despite the fact that the debt is difficult to get larger loans. Although they can apply for loans with collateral, such as a house.
Enforcement & Payment Neglect

Loan with collateral

Loan with collateral

Having a house that you can use as collateral when you are looking for bigger loans will increase your chances. This may sound risky to you, no one will lose his house, but in fact it is a good way, this way you get better terms from the bank and the risk of the loan is reduced.

Loans without fixed income. Have you just become unemployed, or work as a substitute? Unfortunately, most major banks will then not lend to you. You can then turn to a bank that does a more thorough investigation. They can see if you may be able to take out a loan with collateral.

Loans for that debt? There is also an opportunity for those with more expensive loans to take out a loan of existing housing. By taking a little more in the river and with the excess money to pay for past debts or solve expensive loans.

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