Finance Tips – Time to move alone? We tell you everything you can do to pay it

When you are a teenager, it is very common to think of yourself at 18, become an adult, living alone in your apartment and enjoying life.

But when you reach that age, the situation is very different right?

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Years go by and you still live with your parents, perhaps contributing financially but still under your roof. The truth is that becoming independent does not have to stay in a dream. Maybe you didn’t do it at eighteen, but you can do it throughout your twenties or thirties. It is not impossible and there are already many young people who are doing it. Are they millionaires or young prodigies with great jobs? No, they will most likely be like you, with a stable job and eager to start forming their own path.

But the million dollar question and what probably occupies all your thinking is, and how to pay it? How to start living alone and not drown in debt in the process? These are some points you should consider:

Over the place

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The most convenient thing is to choose to move with roommates or roommates. Sharing the apartment with one, two or up to three people will allow you to save on the rental cost and choose a central area. Not all departments have two or three bathrooms, so in many cases the bathroom is shared, while in others, who is willing to pay more for the rent, stays with the room that includes the bathroom.

On the other hand, some apartments come furnished, so that in the room you already find a bed and some furniture; in the kitchen there are already appliances and so on the whole place, while others do not include anything. You should evaluate which option is the most convenient for you and who will move with you.

Today there are many applications that help you locate apartments for rent and roommates, but you can always check with your friends and ask for references, since you can avoid bad times and unpleasant surprises.

About the move

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Going to live alone will definitely require a certain investment of money. If the apartment is furnished, the amount of things you should carry will be less, but you may still need to rent a small moving van for everything else. This will be one of the main expenses you must make.

If the apartment is not furnished, yes or yes you will need to bring some basic items such as kitchen, microwave, refrigerator, among others. If you are going to live with other people, it is not advisable to make a purchase among everyone, since if someone later decides to move, they will definitely want to be given back “their share” of everything.

One option is that everyone is responsible for carrying something, for example, someone takes the refrigerator, another the kitchen, and so on. It may seem like an infinite expense, but when doing the accounts you will see that it is not so, and once again, it will depend on the type of place you are looking for.

Installation costs

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Another disbursement that you will have to make will be for the installation costs of shelves, furniture, cupboards, among others. If you know how to do them or a close relative, you can save on that, if not, you should hire someone to do it.

About monthly expenses

The shared expenses are those that will guide the coexistence with your partners. For example, they may agree that services be included in the price they pay monthly, or divide the total amount of the month (water, electricity, telephone, maintenance, etc.) by the total number of people. As for food, the most common thing is that everyone takes care of their own, but they can also agree that each person cooks one day a week, thus saving time and effort. All these dynamics are quite particular and will depend on the group that is formed.

How to pay for everything?

Basically, one of the main options is to use your savings. Ideally, you save for a few months before starting the moving process, so you can pay all expenses without problems. Now, if your savings have not prospered, you can also turn to your parents and borrow money.

On the other hand, another option to pay for expenses is through a personal loan. You can add how much you need and request it from a financial institution, so that you can make the basic purchases, pay for the move and the guarantee, and return the money a few in the installments you decide.

Moving alone may seem like a great expense, but what will help you is to land all expenses, make a list and see all the options you have. That way, you can choose the best one. In addition, it is very important to control your budget to be able to save a part of the money and thus the financing you need will be less.

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