10 Best Deep Rock Galactic Weapons, Ranked

Galactic Deep Rock is a game that combines the gameplay of Left for dead and Team Fortress 2 with a pseudo-Minecraft-meets-Lord-of-the-Rings-in-the-Future aesthetic. The game features a weapon roster arguably more robust than Return 4 Blood’s because there are enough of them in the game to provide players with many different play options.

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Recently, the developers of Ghost Ship Games released a massive free update called Rival Incursion Update, which includes new primary weapons for each class. The quality of each weapon depends on how it feels to use, as well as whether it is mechanically effective in fighting hordes of Glyphids while mining.

ten DRAK-25 plasma rifle

DRAK-25 plasma rifle in Deep Rock Galactic

For the Scout class, the Rival Incursion update adds an Automatic Plasma Rifle. This weapon shoots quickly and does decent damage, but most importantly, it doesn’t require reloading. Instead, this weapon will overheat and have to cool down, which can be done by turning off rather than taking the time to reload that other weapons require.

The sound design is somewhat satisfactory and the lack of reloading is helpful, but unfortunately that doesn’t do much against the bigger Glyphids. The DRAK-25 plasma rifle only feels slightly better than the default Deepcore GK2 for the Scout.

9 M1000 Classic

M1000 Classic in Deep Rock Galactic

This weapon has the longest range in the game. Its hip shot works like a classic repeater, while holding down the fire button, it enters a zoom mode with the high power and accuracy of a rifle. sniper.

The weakness of this weapon is its lack of the ability to reliably retaliate when overwhelmed by large groups of small Glyphids, but Scout players can compensate by escaping with their grappling hook or upgrading to a secondary. The M1000 Classic is still the preferred weapon of many Scout Hands.


8 “Hurricane” guided rocket system

"hurricane" Guided Rocket System in Deep Rock Galactic

The Gunner’s final weapon in the Rival Incursion update is the Hurricane Rocket Launcher. Players familiar with Half-Life 2 The RPG will recognize its functionality, as each rocket fired follows the aiming reticle until it hits a target.

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It has a large magazine size, with each rocket dealing decent damage on impact as well as area damage. The Hurricane has a neat gadget and is fun to use, but mechanically its delayed fire and travel time make it slightly inferior to other Gunner primaries.

7 Heavy “Thunderhead” autocannon

"Thunder head" Heavy autocannon in Deep Rock Galactic

The Thunderhead deals reliable damage, is decently accurate, and deals splash damage, making it useful for dealing with groups of enemies as well as damaging weak spots on larger ones. Where this weapon fails is its need to reload, and on top of that, it has one of the longest reload times in the game.

However, this is a flaw that can be overlooked by taking the Born Ready and Resupplier perks, as both allow unequipped weapons to be automatically reloaded. Even with its flaws, the Thunderhead is still preferred by some Gunner players.

6 “Warthog” Auto 210

"Warthog" Auto 210 in Deep Rock Galactic

The close range and rapid rate of fire of the Warhog Automatic Shotgun make this weapon useful, especially when you are overwhelmed by a swarm of insect creatures.

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The Turret Whip modification is a great mechanical game changer that allows engineers to combine with their LMG Gun Platform turrets for large bursts of area damage, adding a mid-range option for the close-range shotgun. Despite being the default primary weapon, the Warthog is a mainstay for many engineers.

5 Corrosive sludge pump

Corrosive Sludge Pump in Deep Rock Galactic

As part of the Rival Incursion update, the driller gets a new primary, the Corrosive Slurry Pump. This weapon fires mud projectiles that envelop enemies, damaging them over time, and charged shots that can cover the ground in mud. Where this weapon excels is its ability to cover large areas of persistent and dangerous mud that slows down and damages enemies.

It’s fun to use and at the same time satisfying and horrifying to watch the glyphs slowly disintegrate through the mud; as all space dwarves know, and to quote Starship Troopers, from which the game is inspired, “the only good bug is a dead bug”. The main disadvantage of this weapon is that it can be difficult to deal with flying enemies as the projectile arches and moves slowly.

4 Cryo cannon

Cryo Cannon in Deep Rock Galactic

The Cryo Cannon has many good points; it does decent damage on its own, it freezes enemies, causing them to take more damage, and it doesn’t require a reload. There is nothing more satisfying than freezing a Praetorian and finishing it off with a Gimli ax throwing. Additionally, where the Cryo Cannon beats most other weapons is its reliable ability to take on Mactera, the flying variants of Glyphid.

Once enough cryo status is created by pulverizing them, flying enemies will instantly freeze and shatter and die when they hit the ground. This makes the Cryo Cannon the best primary weapon available to the driller to deal with airborne enemies.

3 40 mm deep core PGL

Deepcore 40mm PGL in Deep Rock Galactic

This Grenade Launcher is the default secondary to the Engineer class and is great for knocking out waves and dealing high damage to specials. Fat Man’s overclocking makes this weapon particularly powerful and fun to use, turning the grenade launcher into a mini nuclear launcher, although players should be careful of friendly fire when playing co-op.

The only place this weapon lacks is its relatively low ammo capacity to compensate for its high damage. That aside, this weapon deserves its place among the best weapons in Deep Rock Galactic.

2 LOK-1 smart rifle

LOK-1 smart rifle in Deep Rock Galactic

The Rival Incursion update adds the LOK-1 smart rifle to the engineer’s arsenal. This pistol enters a sweep state when it holds the fire button down, locks onto multiple targets, and then fires a burst of projectiles that fly to all targets upon release.

Bullets can even be aimed so that they curve behind the target from behind, making weak spots on larger Glyphids easier to hit. This new addition is ideal, especially for Engineer players who like to relax and let their guns do the work for them.

1 Breach cutter

Breach Cutter in Deep Rock Galactic

Upon release, the Breach Cutter was an instant favorite for the Engineer industry, and its power has remained constant even through this most recent update. Its ability to sweep waves of smaller glyphs while dealing significant damage to larger threats such as the Praetorian or the Oppressor makes it an easy choice for most engineers.

With mods like Triple Stack and Return to Sender overclock, Breach Cutter is hands down the best weapon in the game.

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