10 best Xbox Series X / S games of 2021 you must play


MMicrosoft has moved on to a new generation of gaming with the Xbox Series X / S, and there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the new consoles have got off to a great start. Regardless of the measure – proprietary versions, third-party versions, Xbox Game Pass, you name it – 2021 has been a great year for Xbox, and over the past 12 months we’ve played a lot of great games on the platform. form. Here we’re going to highlight what we think are some of the best of the bunch and then pick one of them as our ultimate winner.

NOTE: The nominees and winner were decided by an internal vote organized by all GamingBolt staff.



People Can Fly has made a name for itself over the years as a studio that consistently delivers excellent shooting, shooting, Bulletstorm at Gears of War: Judgment, and yet Riders is, of course, a very different type of experience than these two, it is defined by many of the same forces. The combination of explosive abilities and hard-hitting fire makes for always exciting combat in this RPG shooter, and heads to the many different environments of Enoch to hunt down a plethora of quests and start all over on higher difficulties as you try. reaching for better loot is a loop that will keep you hooked for a long, long time.


Acid nerve The door of death had turned its fair share of heads as it approached launch, with its promise of a solid action-adventure journey inspired by classic dungeons Zelda games, and it more than lived up to expectations. Grueling challenge, excellent combat encounters, memorable boss fights, ingenious puzzle design, and consistently rewarding exploration are all tenets of this genre, and these are all areas that The door of death excels. Meanwhile, by putting yourself in the proverbial crow skin, he also carves out an identity of his own that helps him become more than another. Zelda clone.


the ascent

The cyberpunk genre has seen an explosion in popularity in video games in recent years, but of the many games we’ve played in this space, very few have managed to impress us as much as Neon Giant. Ascension. Produced by a team of ten people, Ascension boasts technical prowess and visual quality on a level that even most AAA games can’t hope to achieve, and exploring the neon-lit, rain-drenched streets and corners of its world remains an absolute blast from start to finish. Add to that some excellent, adrenaline-fueled world-building fights that always keep you on the edge of your seat, and solid progression mechanics, and what you’ve got is a solid action RPG that should be. played by all fans of the genre.



Underworld was easily one of the best games of 2020, as far as that seems almost an understatement at this point. And so, when Supergiant’s roguelike masterpiece made its way to Xbox and PlayStation consoles in 2021 after wowing PC and Switch audiences the year before, it was pretty much guaranteed to be one. of the best games of the year on these ecosystems. No amount of praise is enough for Hell, but then again, there is no praise we can give it that millions of people haven’t already made it rain so far. It’s a model for the roguelike games that will be the gold standard of the genre for years to come, and a game that has already become an all-time classic.


It takes two

Single player and multiplayer audiences both have a plethora of options to choose from in this industry, but for those looking for games built around the idea of ​​cooperative play to the exclusion of everything else, those options are quite limited. . Fortunately, what there is is incredible. Hazelight Studios’ It takes two is a non-stop ride, a roller coaster of creativity, candid storytelling, and well-crafted gameplay that insists on throwing new ideas and mechanics at players on an almost constant basis rather than sticking to a few basic mechanics. From start to finish, it is a game that tries and succeeds in wowing and surprising players with every turn.


Tales of the Ascension

After a fairly long period of inconsistency and more than a few disappointing versions, the Tales the series decided to go bankrupt in 2021 with Tales of the Ascension, the biggest and most ambitious game in the series to date, and thankfully, it was a gamble that paid off in spades for Bandai Namco. Put simply, this game is a dream come true for fans of not just the franchise, but RPGs in general, thanks to its gripping storyline, endearing characters, addicting combat, and the way it continues to mix things up with it. the new of the environments and places you constantly find yourself in, all of which are brought to life by artistically designed and stunning visuals. If it’s the plan that Tales the games are going to be based on the future, we can’t wait to see where the series goes.


forza horizon 5

The belief that Forza Horizon has surpassed the franchise that spawned it has grown with every new installment of Playground Games’ open world series, and now, after Forza Horizon 5, there is no longer any doubt about it. To call him one of the best runners of all time wouldn’t be a stretch at all. Driving mechanics, vehicle list, open world design, visuals, audio design, quality and amount of content – all of these and more are part of the Forza Horizon 5 greater forces, and with a list of forces as formidable as this, there’s no way the game could be less than stellar.


Looks like 343 Industries has ultimately found its marks with Halo. More than a decade after Bungie left, Infinite halo finally regained the magic that made the show what it was in the first half of its life. Across its campaign and multiplayer, the game features some of the best first-person shooter combat we’ve ever experienced, which is further enhanced by mechanics like the Hookshot. Concretely with regard to the campaign, the open world approach is a perfect evolution of the Halo formulates and significantly contributes to delivering one of the best releases in the series for years.


It was, unfortunately, a game that went unnoticed by a lot of people, but as those who have played it will tell you, it deserves a lot more attention. It’s a musical journey like no other, taking players from one thrilling environment to another, and although there isn’t much to say on the subject of the platform alone, where Artistic escape truly shines with its story, which makes the most of the visual style and musical core of the game. It is the very definition of “short but sweet”, and without a doubt, stands out as one of the best Xbox games out there. the year.


psychonauts 2

Double Fine Productions had a lot to do with Psychonauts 2, but rather than crumble under all of those expectations, the studio flourished. Psychonauts 2 is not only excellent in all the ways you would like a Psychonauts following being, it’s actually good, much better than its predecessor, and much better than anyone might have expected. It succeeds on all fronts, as a story, as a testament to the creative genius of Double Fine, as a platform game. We very rarely come across games where all the disparate disciplines of game design come together in perfect harmony without any hint of dissonance, but Psychonauts 2 surely is one of those games.



forza horizon 5

Given how incredibly consistent Playground Games has been with its Forza Horizon games, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Forza Horizon 5 would still be a step in the developer’s belt. But while people have every reason to take the success and excellence of the open world racer for granted, we can’t help but be impressed by the quality of this game. It captures a constant sense of joy – and we mean constant – like very few other games do. The very definition of “all killer, no filler” Forza Horizon 5 A diverse, vast and beautiful open world is littered with a wide range of activities to ensure that no matter what you do, you will always have fun. This is a game where technical excellence and incredible game design collide, joining hands to deliver the kind of experience that very rarely comes along.


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