5 Things Ranked Vanguard Should Steal From Halo Infinite

Vanguard’s highly anticipated ranked game is coming in February, allowing players to climb the competitive ladder. Halo Infinite launched with a fantasy ranked mode, so we’re counting down five things Vanguard’s ranked game should steal from Halo Infinite.

The 2022 Call of Duty League season has officially kicked off, and Vanguard players are desperate for a place to test their skills in a competitive environment and earn cosmetic bragging rights while doing so.

Ranked play is confirmed to finally arrive alongside Season 2 in February, with Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games working together on the system. We were impressed with Halo Infinite’s ranked arena and simple ELO system, so we’re counting down five lessons Vanguard should learn from Halo.

Visible ELO system

Nearly every game’s ranked mode comes with a visible ELO system where players can see exactly how many points they’ve racked up and where that puts them on the ranked ladder – but not Black Ops Cold War.

League play in Black Ops 4 and Cold War included a confusing system of “Skill Divisions” where you would be placed into Competitor, Advanced, Expert, Elite, and Master categories. But, it was nearly impossible to tell where you were on that leaderboard or how close you were to progressing. Instead, Cold War’s league play rewarded the time you put in rather than performance.

Halo Infinite went with the classic ELO system, where you would earn points for wins and lose them for losses. It’s easy to see how close you are to the next rank, so there’s clear and rewarding progression there, and it would be a tragic mistake if Vanguard didn’t include it.

Treyarch confirmed that ranked play would include “visible skill assessments”, and there would be no better way to please fans than to copy Halo Infinite.

Solo/Duo queue option

Vanguard Player on the Radar Map

Ranked play is tough, especially when you’re up against a sweaty group of four strategizing and giving calls.

Halo Infinite offers the option of queuing up in a Solos/Duos playlist, where you only play against Solos and Duos like you. This is something Vanguard should steal from Halo, allowing ranked play to be as fair and equal as possible.

And of course, teams of four would also receive their Open playlist, where they could meet teams of all sizes.

Input based matchmaking

CoD Vanguard with Xbox Series and PS5 controllers

Cross-play has become the norm for multiplayer games, where PC and console can compete on whichever input they choose. However, many controller players don’t want to play against mouse and keyboard players, and vice versa.

Halo Infinite solved this problem once and for all by allowing input-based matchmaking. Here, players can decide if they want to play only against controllers, only with mouse and keyboard, or a mixture of both in the open queue.

A controller’s thumbstick simply can’t replicate the precision of a mouse, but MKB players often claim aim assist is like an aimbot. Vanguard stealing this feature would appease both sides of the argument and give players a choice of who they go up against.

Stick to the basics

Current Vanguard players in the game

There’s a lot going on in Vanguard multiplayer. Each weapon has around 70 attachments to choose from, along with a ton of Scorestreaks, perks, and field upgrades.

Halo Infinite’s ranked play is a simplified version of multiplayer, bringing the game back to its basics where skill and teamwork become the most important aspects.

Vanguard’s ranked game is expected to do something similar, offering only a handful of weapons, attachments, and gear. Not only does Vanguard’s ranked play have to follow the CDL’s restrictions, but Treyarch and Sledgehammer also have to consider some of the CDL’s GAs (Gentleman’s Agreements) to make the mode as easy and skill-based as possible.

Interesting cosmetic rewards

Black Ops Cold War League Game Rewards

Rather than being something Vanguard should steal from Halo Infinite, it’s something Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games could do better.

A big part of the appeal of a ranked mode is the unique cosmetics you can earn to show off your gaming prowess. Cold War league play has finally arrived, but Vanguard is expected to release immediately with operator skins. unique, flashy weapon blueprints and business cards that prove you’re one of the best around.

Halo Infinite is sorely lacking in this department, and Treyarch and Sledgehammer could show 343 Industries how it’s done with some great cosmetic rewards.

And those are the five things we think Vanguard’s ranked game should steal from Halo Infinite’s Ranked Arena.

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Image credit: Activision / 343 Industries

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