A Definitive Summary of FSU Arts Clubs

Most FSU students have a general idea of ​​what clubs they want to join when they first enter campus. They may have been active in similar organizations in high school or already have friends who have spoken about their organization. What students usually don’t realize is the amount of activities and clubs the state of Florida has to offer. While a full list of this school’s 788 RSO options can be found on NoleCentral, the following organizations are strictly for artists, fashion gurus, film and book nerds, creators, or anyone who enjoys quite simply all that is art and culture.

Film and production

With Florida State’s College of Motion Picture Arts ranked in the top 15 in the nation, it’s no wonder FSU draws throngs of filmmakers and production students every year. A student body as creative as FSU demands a selection of film and production clubs available at school today.

For starters, the FSU Film Club is the perfect organization for anyone who simply loves movies, whether it’s talking about them, watching them, or making them. There is also a club specifically dedicated to Japanese animation for all anime fanatics.

The Askew Student Life Cinema (ASLC) deserves its own subcategory because it has four distinct clubs that can fall under the arts and culture umbrella: the SLC Film Committee, the Game Committee, the Events Committee, and a video production committee.

On the production side, there’s Club Downunder, which works tirelessly to bring guest speakers, bands, and host fun events on campus for the enjoyment of the student body. FSU also has its own radio station called WVFS Tallahassee 89.7FM, simply known as V89, which students help produce and manage. For specific audio production, check out the Audio Production Club and the Recording Artist Club.

Music and performances

Whether you’ve been part of a church choir since you could stand or were born to be the next Beethoven, FSU has a place or two for you.

Those whose musical gifts involve instruments have almost too many options to bear. From the Trumpet Guild of FSU to the Society of Composers, your melodic niche can be found. For those whose instrument is their own vocal chords, there are a handful of choirs and acapella groups that call FSU home, including All-Night Yahtzee, Gospel Choir, Reverb FSU, Vox, and Acabelles.

Additionally, the student body here stimulates a wonderful plethora of performers unrelated to instruments or vocals. Our comedy groups such as 30in60 and No Bears Allowed can be found at events throughout the year with popular dance groups, such as the FSU Belly Dancers and Seminole Dance Force. The comedy sketch group Friday Night Live also hosts their own live show once a semester where they perform sketches and show video sketches with a host, much like their inspirational “Saturday Night Live.”

Writing and Art

Luckily for anyone interested in journalism or creative writing, there’s a publication for just about every form in Florida State. “Her Campus FSU” gives women the opportunity to try their hand at the publishing process, as well as an extensive social media staff for content creation experience. “Strike” is a fashion magazine that started at FSU and hosts fashion shows, photoshoots, and surprise themed releases. For those more focused on literature and art, Kudzu Journal features the creative work of FSU undergraduate students. Hopeful screenwriters should check out the Script2Screen Club to help them prepare their future scripts for the big screen.

Other art connoisseurs are more than welcome and there is a wide variety of art programs offered at FSU. The Phocus Photography Club gives students the opportunity to master their camera skills while the Student Art Studio for Healing provides a safe space for students of all levels of artistic experience to practice art forms of all sorts.

Any of more than 700 clubs in the state of Florida offer the opportunity to form lifelong friendships and develop skills at all experience levels. Wherever your interests may fall on the arts and culture spectrum, FSU always has a club to call home.

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