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The LS15X was just released in a new Shock Blue edition to match the Shock Blue controller from the Xbox Series X. The headset color matches the controller perfectly, even sharing white and black highlights, and the pair look fantastic together. As the LS15X is an entry-level wireless headset, its construction is mostly plastic. It feels pretty solid in the hands and has good flexibility, and that, along with its rotating ear cups, should fit any number of head sizes. Each headset has a slider and a touch button for various functions. Equalizer and power buttons are also included. The last remaining ports on the LS15X include a Micro USB port for charging, a 3.5mm jack for wired connectivity and the attachment port for the boom mic. My personal favorite aspects of the LS15X’s design come from its memory foam padding on the ear cups and headband. It remains comfortable to use even during longer gaming sessions, which is an essential factor of any headset in my book. The carbon fiber inspired look is also aesthetic.

The following specifications are listed for the LS15X:

Compatibility: Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Mobile (wired)

Connectivity: wireless

Style: Shock Blue

Detailed Color: Shock Blue

Battery life: up to 15 hours

SPL characteristic: 97 +/- 3dB

Earpiece shape: over ear (circumaural)

EQ Modes: Signature Sound, Bass Boost, Flat EQ

Headphone inputs: 3.5mm, Micro USB (charging)

Microphone type: Omnidirectional, removable with LED mute indicator + built-in microphone

Mobile connectivity: 3.5mm

Platform: Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S

Sound space: DTS: X, amplified stereo sound, surround sound using Dolby Atmos,

Surround sound with Windows Sonic

Speaker size: 50mm

Wireless range: 30 feet

The audio quality of the LS15X is pretty standard for headphones in the $ 50 to $ 100 range. The bass is the highlight of my listening time, but not as punchy as the high end sets. The mids and highs sound good but are a bit more hollow than I personally would prefer, but well in the range that I would expect from a set in this price range.

Getting started with the LS15X is extremely easy: plug the wireless receiver into your Xbox or PC and turn on the headset. Each headset comes pre-paired with its receiver, and the time it takes for the headset to turn on to receive sound is incredibly minimal. One of the first things I noticed about using the LS15X on my Xbox systems is that it doesn’t drop audio randomly for a split second like it can happen with wired headsets. plugged into the controller’s headphone port. While these momentary falls don’t happen all the time, they are frequent enough to be noticed. Why this is still a problem so many years after the launch of the Xbox One line of systems, and by extension the Xbox Series consoles, I’ll never know, but it’s good to be able to review a headset and not make it appear! I am also very happy with the speed of the audio transmission without there being a noticeable delay between what is happening on the screen and what I hear.

Immersed in gameplay, the LS15X offers the main benefit you would expect from a headset: improved audio quality over traditional TV speakers. The soundscape of your favorite games truly shines when you can hear even the subtlest sounds leaking out through the TV speakers. While nice home theater audio setups can accomplish the same thing, they certainly require more of a top end over decent headphones, and the LS15X is more than up to the task. With 3 equalizer modes to choose from, the LS15X offers a nice variety of sounds for different titles. The default Natural EQ preset is your standard option, which provides a good mix for the majority of the things I’ve used it for. Bass boost gives you more pronounced bass, perfect for intense action if you like that sort of thing. The last option is Signature Sound mode and it’s geared more towards your competitive shooters and brings out an opponent’s tracks.

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