A new homeowner comes down to the basement and hears a voice behind a locked door!


One day, a woman went down to the basement of her new home to quickly go upstairs after hearing a voice coming from behind a locked door.

Patty had just started over. After he almost bankrupted her and her family because of her gambling addiction, she had just left her husband in good fortune. They moved to Iowa together with their two children, Mary (a girl) and John (a boy).

She bought a small old house on the outskirts of town as her first move when she arrived. It was well maintained, had a fence and a large yard for his children to play.

For Patty, who was looking for a cheap ready-made house that she could move into quickly, it was a blessing. After her children moved in, Patty went down to the basement and saw two doors.

One door opened into a small room where old garbage was stored while the other was locked. Patty tried to push open the door, believing something was stuck behind it. However, she stopped when she heard an unusual noise behind the door.

A new homeowner comes down to the basement and hears a voice behind a locked door!

Patty assumed it was imagination, so she placed her head against a door to listen. ” Help me ! A voice whispered, but Patty was already gone, running away from the strange door and the dark basement.

When she reached her living room, she took a few breaths to calm her nerves, entered the kitchen, picked up a knife and returned to the basement.

“Everything in it can come out now so we can fight before my kids come home from school,” she thought.

After arriving, she listened to the voice again and was able to hear it again. It almost sounded like a whistle. A quick kick in the area next to the already weak doorknob opened it up and revealed a sad old woman.

“Mario? A small, weak voice called. It didn’t sound intimidating at all.

“No, it’s not Mario, it’s Patty, the new owner of this house.”

“New owner? I don’t understand, this is my house,” “The old woman replied.

Patty was more worried about why the woman was locked in the basement, so she invited her for tea before asking her what her story was.

“I bequeathed the house to my grandson, to inherit it after my death.

“He sold it,” Patty said regretfully. “And that means I stole your only home from you.” Sorry.”

“That’s why he put me in there, so I don’t mind,” the old lady sighed.

When Patty called the police to report the crime, the older woman named Maddie begged her not to. She wanted nothing to happen to her grandson and preferred to leave.

Patty’s heart went out to her, so she agreed not to call and also suggested that Maddie live with her as a nanny for the children. The old woman did her best; she cooked, cleaned and even helped them with their homework while Maddie was busy at work.

One day, Maddie was baking a pie when Patty’s daughter ran over to her. She had tears in her eyes and bad news to share: her younger brother had fallen into a river.

The old woman and the girl ran towards the river and saw the boy, little Jean barely held on to a tree branch which prevented him from flying away with the current.

He looked scared. His friends, who he was playing with, couldn’t come and rescue him because the current was way too strong for any of them, so the old woman came in to help him.

The cold water shocked her, but that didn’t stop her from reaching the boy and bringing him to the ground safely. When Patty heard about the act, she congratulated Maddie and promised to take care of her forever.

Shortly after the incident, the older woman fell ill. The cold water had an effect on her and she had contracted pneumonia. The boy she saved lived healthy, but she died after some time.

After a week, Patty decided to dismantle the deceased’s belongings. She came across a small box full of precious jewelry, and a note addressed to her.

He said, “If you found them, it means that I passed away and you came to clean up my things.” I am grateful for the time I spent with you, Mary and John because you gave me a taste of family back. These jewels are for you, Patty, and for your family. I hope they will help you when you are in a difficult situation, just like you once helped this old woman. From Maddie with love.

Patty made good use of the money she made from jewelry sales, and she lived comfortably with her children for a long time.

What have we learned from this story?

  • Be nice; it has its rewards. Patty could have kicked Maddie out the moment she found him alive in the basement of her house, but she didn’t; instead, she sat her down, listened to her speech, and decided to help her. It was paid back a hundredfold at the end.
  • Never let greed win. Maddie’s grandson lost to greed because he sold his house under his nose and, to keep her from shutting down the case, locked her in the basement for the next owner finds it. If Patty had called the police he would go to jail for it, and even if she didn’t, karma is sure to catch up with him. Or maybe he did; after all, the box of gems could have been his with the house if he had been patient.

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