A new partnership will help audio streaming better target healthcare audiences. | Story

TransUnion, which provides audience data to advertisers and agencies, has integrated health audiences from health data provider Veeva Crossix into its TruAudience Data Marketplace. TransUnion says the addition will support more effective campaigns on streaming platforms.

Pharmaceutical/Medical is one of the largest ad categories. Statista ranked it second in 2021 with $5.6 billion spent in the United States Adding Veeva Crossix data to TransUnion’s Marketplace will allow advertisers to deliver personalized ads to direct-to-consumer and healthcare provider audience segments.

“As consumers spend more time streaming content, the demand for healthcare advertisers to reach their audiences through streaming media has increased dramatically,” said Michelle Swanston, vice president of media and TransUnion Entertainment and Head of Data Market at TransUnion. “Our collaboration with Veeva Crossix enables best-in-class data for direct and programmatic marketing on connected TV and audio streaming at an unprecedented scale.”

At the heart of TruAudience Data Marketplace is a database of 80 million U.S. households that enables household-level identification, targeting, and measurement across connected TV, smart speakers, gaming consoles, and devices. other connected devices.

“Streaming video and audio are critical channels for healthcare brands looking to reach and engage with specific audiences,” said Jeremy Mittler, Veeva Crossix Audience Segment Manager, Veeva. “According to our Health Advertising Trends Report, streaming video now represents 8% of Veeva Crossix customers’ digital media mix and streaming audio impressions grew 61% year-over-year. Now, 500 Veeva Crossix healthcare audience segments, including syndicated and custom models, are available on the TruAudience data marketplace. »

TransUnion is the owner of TruAudience – what was officially called TruOptik before its acquisition in October 2020 – provide data to advertisers and agencies targeting connected viewers and audio streaming listeners. As the third largest credit reporting agency, TransUnion is one of the largest data providers.

“At iHeartMedia, we have seen a real increase in the number of pharmaceutical advertisers active in audio between 2022 and 2021,” said Brian Kaminsky, Chief Data Officer. “The ability to partner with TransUnion to apply segments of these must-have health data providers to the TruAudience data market, like Veeva Crossix, has accelerated audio adoption by enabling our advertising partners to perform transactions with audio as they would with other digital media in all countries. audio channel including broadcast radio, streaming and podcasting.

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