AICP’s Camp Kuleshov competition returns and defines programming of source films


Camp Kuleshov, the IACP’s annual trailer competition for all post-production assistants, is back for 2021 with a new list of films assistants can reinvent as they show off their creative and craft skills in categories. editorial, graphics and sound.

Named after Lev Kuleshov, the Russian film theorist whose writings on the power of editing are known as the Kuleshov Effect, Camp Kuleshov is open to assistants, junior creatives, administrators and junior employees of companies. post-production and production members of the AICP, as well as independent assistants and support staff sponsored by member companies. Students and interns sponsored by a member company can also participate in Camp K. The competition is also open to assistants and junior-level employees of music companies that are members of the Association of Music Producers (AMP).

For the editorial, participants must choose a film and reimagine it, via a 90-second trailer, as something of a different genre or directed by a filmmaker with a distinctive visual or narrative style, i.e. -to say that a political thriller is turned into a comedy. They can also choose two movies from the source list and, via mashup, create a trailer for a brand new movie of a different genre.

Editorial Source Films is an eclectic collection, designed to meet the challenge and expose assistants to a wide range of films and filmmakers while ensuring that there are selections for a variety of tastes. The list ranges from the dystopian stoner comedy “This Is The End” to the action thriller “I Am Legend” to the kitsch 1950s sci-fi classic, “Attack of the 50-Foot Woman.”

In the Graphics category, entrants are required to create an original opening title sequence that conveys their impression or interpretation of the film they have selected and that functions as a device to prepare and position audiences for the film. This year’s Graphics source films include classics such as “Fantasia” and “A Clockwork Orange”, and more recent films like “The Dark Knight Rises”.

In the Sound Design category, the task is to create a new sound design for a 90 second clip of one of the source movies with a different intention than the original. Films in this category include “Drive”, “Soylent Green” and “12 Angry Men”.

Chris Franklin, editor and owner of Big Sky Edit and a member of the Camp K committee, said the selection of source films for 2021 nods to last year’s canceled event. “I had the last 16 months in mind when selecting these titles,” he notes, highlighting the subtle theme of cataclysm, stress or upheaval seen in films such as the anti-virus thriller “The Andromeda Strain “, the dark comedy” After Hours “or the psychological drama” Swimming with Sharks “, which await all participants in the Editing category. “I just wanted to give all of the helpers some catnip to run with.”

Camp K trailer
The Camp K site also includes a trailer created to capture the angst of losing a full year of competition to the pandemic and to spark interest in participating in this year’s event. Entitled “Get Ready to Enter”, it uses a mix of news footage and classic and memorable movie scenes to convey the reality of working under lockdown for editors, visual effects artists, mixers and sound designers. . It was created by Associate Editor Tony LaRocca at Cosmo Street in Los Angeles, whose goal was to connect with assistants in a way they would find authentic and believable. A former Camp K participant himself, LaRocca was briefed on the mission by the managing partner of the company and EP, Yvette Cobarrubias, who asked her to do something smart that would generate excitement while at the same time letting the industry know that Camp K is back.

“I saw this as a love letter to anyone used to working alone,” LaRocca said of the often lonely nature of the editing, effects and post audio disciplines. “For them the pandemic has been in some ways business as usual – being somewhere alone, focusing on their craft. I wanted to show the people going back there, while the assistants are still locked in their dark rooms. “

Camp K Committee
This year’s Camp Kuleshov competition is run by an expanded committee. In addition to Franklin, he features Laurie Adrianopoli of Carbon, LaRue Anderson of Apache, Adam Barone of Sonic Union, Yvette Cobarrubias of Cosmo Street, Tom Duff of Optimus, Lauren Hertzberg of Cut + Run, Robby Hurd of Musicbed | Filmsupply, Heard City’s Gloria Pitagorsky and Beast’s Ron Rendon. In addition to helping promote the contest, the committee helps bring together the contest judges, as well as a roster of senior writers, artists and mixers to serve as “Camp K coaches” who will be available to help. to guide participants through their creativity. process, offering advice and mentoring, but not solutions.

Franklin noted that for many Camp K winners, especially those who have pursued successful careers as editors, effects artists or mixers, “they see this experience as pivotal to what they have been able to accomplish as as artists. This underlines the important role this competition plays in the publishing community.

“And it’s not just about giving helpers their important moment in the sun,” Franklin continued. “There is a sense of urgency; two years is a long time for them without being actively engaged as they are through Camp K. It can seem like a lifetime to them and it can impact their careers, growth and opportunities. It’s a long time not to get the kind of recognition you need.

Entries for Camp Kuleshov 2021 will be judged on a chapter-by-chapter basis. The first place winners in each chapter will receive a trophy and advance to the “Lev” round, which is the grand prize of the competition; it will be featured at the AICP Post Awards 2022. Musicbed, a supporting partner of the AICP, which supports all Camp K competitions, makes selections from its production music library available to attendees for use in their trailers and award a prize of $ 1,000 to each winner Lev.

Fee for single entry to Camp Kuleshov $ 65; three or more entrees are $ 55 each; five or more entries cost $ 45 each, with discounts applying to businesses or individuals. Any questions participants may have regarding rules, eligibility or anything else can be directed to [email protected], and a “camp counselor” will respond promptly. A full overview of rules, eligibility, source movies and fees can be found here. The deadline for submitting applications is Thursday, September 30.

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