Arizona PBS, Cronkite School nominated for 36 Rocky Mountain Emmy and Student Production Awards


Arizona PBS and The Cronkite School have won a total of 36 Emmy and Student Production Award nominations from the Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences – in professional categories ranging from arts and entertainment to politics and government as well as student categories ranging from news broadcasts to sports.

Arizona PBS has won 16 Emmy nominations in 13 categories, covering a variety of magazine programs, audio production, and interview content. “Art in the 48” and “Catalyst” both received two nominations each, while “Plate & Pour” received four.

The “2020 AZ Senate Debate,” one of Arizona PBS’s most-watched shows in the station’s history, received a nomination. During the debate, the moderators – especially Ted Simons – were praised for their questions and persistence.

Students at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication received 20 Student Production Award nominations in eight categories this year. The awards recognize the best in academic journalism, and since 2009 Cronkite students have won 64 student production awards.

Isaac Easley, Cronkite’s video journalism and innovation instructor, won an Emmy nomination for the “37th Annual Walter Cronkite Award: Dean Baquet”. In addition, Arizona State University was also nominated in several categories.

“It’s exciting to see Cronkite and Arizona PBS receive so many nominations,” said Dean of the Cronkite School, Dr. Battinto Batts, Jr. “It’s truly an honor and the result of hard work and hard work. commitment of so many talented people. Congratulations to all of the nominees. I can’t wait for the awards to be handed out.

“I am very proud of the Arizona PBS and Cronkite teams to have received 16 Emmy nominations and 20 nominations for student production,” said Adrienne Fairwell, general manager of Arizona PBS. “Recognition for the work they do to inform, connect and engage Arizonans is an honor. I am delighted to see their high quality work recognized by the Academy.

The Rocky Mountain Southwest section of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences honors the art and science of people working in television with Emmy Awards and covers areas of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Southeastern California.

Here is a list of Arizona PBS and Cronkite nominations. Winners will be announced on November 6 at the 44th Annual Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards.

Arizona PBS 2021 nominations:

Content of the long version of the arts / entertainment

In the painting“(Art in the 48)

Melissa Thompson, producer

Shana Fischer, producer

Ron Bruce, photographer / editor

Alberto Rios, host

Abbreviated content of human interest

Run to herself (Catalyst)

Steve Filmer, producer

Vanessa Ruiz, producer

Politics / Government Contents of the detailed form

AZ Senate Debate 2020

Allysa Adams, producer

Ted Simons, Host

Lorraine Rivera, host

Yvonne Wingett Sanchez, host

Mike Sauceda, producer

Laarni Fernandez Nuez, producer

Shana Fischer, producer

Content of the long form of technology

Isotopes, migrants and mysteries“(Catalyst)

Steve Filmer, producer

Vanessa Ruiz, producer

Magazine program

Find your passion“(Art in the 48)

Melissa Thompson, producer

Shana Fischer, producer

Alberto Rios, host

Ron Bruce, Director of Photography

Jay Conner, Photographer / Editor

Langston Fields, Photographer / Editor

Carlos Chavez, Photographer

Rodolfo Romo, Photographer

Allysa Adams, producer

Big dreams“(Plate & Pour)

Margery Punnett, series producer

Rebecca Guldberg, producer

Mark Tarbell, producer

Melissa Thompson, executive producer

Information / Instruction

Back to the farm“(Plate & Pour)

Margery Punnett, series producer

Rebecca Guldberg, producer

Melissa Thompson, executive producer

Mark Tarbell, producer

Interview / Discussion

“Pass it” (Plate & Pour)

Margery Punnett, series producer

Melissa Thompson, executive producer

Rebecca Guldberg, producer

Mark Tarbell, producer

Claim Kamala

Nakia Christian, producer

Ebonye Delaney, digital producer

Scot Olson, Editor-in-Chief

Promotion of the program (Campaign)

Celebrate Black History Month

Ebonye Delaney, producer

Nakia Christian, producer

Global excellence

Arizona PBS: Part of the Community

Julia Wallace, Acting Executive Director

Interpreter / Narrator / Host / Moderator

Mark Tarbell, host / narrator

Abridged Editor Content

Timothy “TJ” Larsen, Editor-in-Chief

Live audio or post-production

Carter Pann: Concerto for soprano saxophone (2019)

Alex Kosiorek, Principal Sound Engineer

True Concord Voices And Orchestra – A Savior From Above

Alex Kosiorek, Principal Sound Engineer

Lighting place or studio

The great Gadsby bakery“(Plate & Pour)

Rodolfo Romo, Photographer

Emmy Nomination for the 2021 Cronkite School:

Human Interest – Short Form

37th Annual Walter Cronkite Award: Dean Baquet

Isaac Easley, producer

Arizona State University 2021 Emmy Nominations:

Abbreviated military content

Support military students and veteran college students

Laura Fields, videographer / editor

Abridged content of societal concerns

Forks Up, Masks Up

Amy Chou, producer / assistant director

Safwat Saleem, director / producer / screenwriter

Joshua Belveal, director / screenwriter / editor / cinematographer

Short form of branded content

Innovation at ASU

Joshua Belveal, director / screenwriter / editor / graphic animation

Amy Chou, producer

Safwat Saleem, producer / writer

Nominations for the Cronkite School 2021 student production:


Cronkite News March 23, 2021

Angel Jimenez, producer

Report – Serious or Light

White Mountain Apache COVID

McKenzie Allen-Charmley, journalist

Extension of the water pipe

Katelyn Keenehan, journalist

Covid outbreak at ADOC

Katelyn Keenehan, multimedia journalist

Multimedia journalist (MMJ)

Recorded FilmBar

Tyler Manion, journalist

Bicycle safety signs

Katelyn Keenehan, journalist

Video test

COVID-19 food crisis

Luke Simmons, journalist

A mother’s journey

Franco LaTona, journalist

Navajo School District struggles to overcome COVID-19

Megan Marples

Short form of non-fiction

Pioneer of the genre in Arizona

Tyler Manion, journalist

History or sport segment

Skate in adversity

Michael Gutnick, journalist

Tackle security

Rachel Phillips, journalist

Seated golfer prepares for the US Disabled Open

Jordan Spurgeon, journalist

Arizona native Ponwith makes ASU dream come true

Mason Kern, journalist

Sport soundtrack

Reed Harmon, journalist

Underground Railroad cyclist

Sarandon Raboin, journalist

A prayer at sunrise, on Piestewa peak

Sanandon Raboin, journalist

Attitude is everything

Zachary Keenan, journalist

Talent – News or Sports

Zachary Keenan, journalist


Response to Covid

McKenzie Allen-Charmley, writer

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