Bengals players and coaches ring in on George Kittle’s performance

CINCINNATI – George Kittle broke a record in the 49ers’ 26-23 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, and opposing players and coaches couldn’t help but take note.

The All-Pro was unstoppable, catching 13 of its 15 targets for 151 yards and a touchdown. Every defense that Kittle faces attempts to have a plan to make him a non-factor in the game, but with the 49ers’ running game capped at 100 yards, Kyle Shanahan needed Kittle to step up and he responded. .

Cincinnati head coach Zac Taylor headed to Sunday’s game with a plan in place to at least limit Kittle’s production, but the star has shown why he’s one of the best in the game.

“We’ve tried everything,” Taylor said. “He’s one of the best tight ends out there. We have known this for a long time. He had a similar production last week – he had nearly 200 receiving yards – so it’s not like he’s surprising people.

“You saw the catch he made that almost won them the game in regulation and put them within range. When a guy is so explosive, and has such big hands with that kind of catch ray, he makes a lot of plays. And I promise we tried like hell to take him off, and he just finds a way to make these parts.

Bengals cornerback Mike Hilton has a lot of respect for Kittle and Shanahan and knew it would be a tough game. With talented players like Kittle and Deebo Samuel involved in the pre-engagement moves, opposing defenses have a lot to try to decipher as the game begins to unfold.

“For starters, Coach Shanahan is an attacking mastermind,” said Hilton. “His record speaks for itself. He’s a guy who can pass the ball to the playmakers in different positions and do what he does.

“Today he did this with George and we just couldn’t stop him. He was making a lot of plays in the middle of the field and chasing after the catch. We feel like we’re pulling those games away and we’re in a better position.

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Bengals passing thrower Sam Hubbard praised Kittle not only as a playmaker with the ball in his hands, but also as a blocker. The defensive lineman shared that the job of the defense was all the more difficult with Kittle and Kyle Juszczyk mixing in the running game.

When a reporter asked if Kittle is better than people think, Hubbard was in disbelief, it was even a question.

“I don’t know who doesn’t think he’s good, but he’s obviously at the top of his game,” Hubbard said. “What separates him is that he can block and catch. He’s an amazing blocker and the things they do in the running game center around him and Juszczyk.

“He kind of set a standard for the tight final position. Kittle made some incredible catches.”

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