Best Mixer Plugin Bundles for Music Production in 2022

Best Mixer Plugin Bundles for Music Production in 2022

Mixing is an integral part of the music creation process and it takes years of practice to master this skill. Not only do you need hours of practice, but the plugins and audio systems (headphones/gear) you use play a big role in the process. Within the scope of this article, we will be listing the best mixer plugin bundles for music production.

Top 10 Mixer Plugin Bundles for Music Production

1. Fabfilter Total Pack

Fabfilter is one of those rare names in the music production space that probably needs no introduction. Their mixer plugins have become the industry standard over the years and are worth all the hype. The total bundle contains all of their plugins released to date. The bundle contains 14 plugins and if you buy these plugins individually, it will cost you $2031. However, in the total bundle, you get all 14 for $999. Are included :

a. Pro-R [Reverb]

b. Pro L 2 [Limiter]

vs. MB Pro [Multi band compressor and expander]

D. Pro Q3 [EQ]

e. Pro C2 [Compressor]

F.ProDS [De-esser]

g. ProG [gate]

h. Saturn 2 [distortion/saturation]

I. Twin 2 [synth]

d. Timeless 3 [tape delay]

k. Volcano 3 [filter plugin]

I. A [synth plugin]

Mr. Simplon [basic filter]

nm Microphone [mini filter]

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2. Waves Diamond Mix Set

Diamond contains 76 audio mixing and mastering plugins from Waves. This pack is quite cost effective as you get plugins worth $2999 for only $299. It contains everything from EQ and reverb to pitch correction, spatial imaging and much more. Diamond also includes some flagship Waves plugins such as V-Comp, L3 Multimaximizer, Doubler, H-Delay, PuigTec EQ, etc. You will likely find a plugin for every mixing and mastering requirement.

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3. Soundtoys 5 Mixer Set

The Soundtoys 5 bundle contains the brand’s 21 plugins. Soundtoys has developed some of the most popular plugins in the music industry. Their plugins like Decapitator, Little AlterBoy, EchoBoy, etc. have won numerous awards and are considered one of the best alternatives in their specific categories. Also included is the new Soundtoys Effects Rack. You can create a multi-effect system of plug-ins using the Effects Rack, opening up endless room for creativity. The package is available for $499.

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4. iZotope 5 Music Production Suite

The Music Production Suite 5 contains 12 of the best iZotope VST plugins. Also included is the new Neutron 4 mixing suite, surround reverbs with Stratus 3D plus Symphony 3D from Exponential Audio and six additional plugins from Brainworx. One of the most popular iZotope plugins, the RX 9 is also included in the bundle. RX 9 is an audio repair toolkit that serves many purposes such as extracting vocals, cleaning up recorded samples and many more. The Music Production Suite 5 is currently on sale and available for only $499. On top of all that, you’ll also receive two major flagship updates for your suite this fall at no additional cost.

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5. SSL Native Essentials Bundle

The Native Essentials Bundle is a combination of 2 of the most powerful SSL plugins, SSL Native Channel Strip 2 and SSL Native Bus Compressor 2. Channel Strip is a software emulation of the SSL 9000K console. The EQ section contains a 4-band design with EQ and the ability to switch between E-series and G-series tonal characteristics. Soft ratio compression keeps dynamic character intact while evening out peaks.

Speaking of the SSL Native Bus Compressor 2, this plugin is an emulation of the SSL G-Series center section bus compressor. This compressor is one of the most famous audio processing tools. Used on countless global hits, it’s the preferred choice of producers, mixing and mastering engineers the world over. The bus compressor’s usp is its ability to glue a mix together.

The Native Essentials Mixer Pack is a bit pricey but definitely worth it.

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6. Master the Complete Mix Collection

This pack is a bit different from the rest of the options on this list. The reason for this is the uniqueness of Mastering The Mix plugins compared to regular mixing plugins. In the bundle you also get 2 eBooks, How the Pros Make Hits and Never Get Stuck Again. Are included :

1.Reso [Dynamic Resonance Suppressor]

2. Expose 2 [Quality Control Application]

3. Mixing room [Intelligent and versatile EQ]

4.Bassroom [Low End Balancer]

5. Animate [Multi purpose tool to inject life into your mixes]

6. Reference 2 [Track referencing tool]

7. Levels [Identify Technical issues in mix]

You can get the complete Mastering The Mix pack for $449.00.

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7. Kilohearts Ultimate Pack

Plugin makers, Kilohearts made a name for themselves a few years ago with their VST synth, PhasePlant. PhasePlant brought a new dimension to sound design. Not only is the vst synth a must-have, but its effects plugins are also ones to watch out for. The Ultimate Bundle comes with Phase Plant, along with all other hosts and effects. Most importantly, once you purchase the Ultimate Bundle, you receive free updates for life. Another exciting inclusion in the Ultimate Bundle is the SnapHeap. In SnapHeap you can create up to seven serial or parallel chains of effects and modulate each parameter using Kilohearts powerful modular modulation system. You will probably find an effect in the bundle for each lens. The best part is that the effects are quite compact and easy to understand.

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