‘Beyond King Tut’ exhibition in Canada highlights Tutankhamun’s story

Beyond King Tut Exhibition – TheHive

CAIRO – June 16, 2022: The Immersive Experience for Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence has announced that it will open an exhibit on the Pharaonic King Tutankhamun using his technologies, for a limited time at the East Vancouver Convention Center at Canada, from October 27.

The exhibit was developed in partnership with the National Geographic Society and commemorates the centenary of one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time: the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922.

Vancouver is the first city in Canada to host the “Beyond King Tut” exhibit. Tickets will be available from June 16 on Beyondkingtut.com.

According to Mark Lash, one of the producers of “Beyond King Tut”, the show is the natural progression of immersive viewing.

“We’ve created more immersive experience stories, including the ‘Beyond King Tut’ exhibition experience, which embraces virtual reality technologies, 3D displays and artificial intelligence, according to a story that includes a beginning, a middle and an end to guide visitors to further discovery,” Lash said in an interview with Canadian newspaper The Daily Hive.

“The exhibition was created by a large team of researchers, painters, lighting experts, sound engineers, music composers, narrators, carpenters and more. They are a team of creative and dedicated individuals who are collectively the most talented I have had the pleasure of working with,” Lash continued.

Guests will meet ancient Egyptian deities such as Ra and Anubis before descending into King Tut’s burial chamber and joining his quest for immortality.

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