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In March 2022, BOSS unveiled an all-new mid-level multi-effects unit that features an eye-catching first for the amp and effects maker – a color touchscreen that lets you quickly and intuitively select and tweak your sound like never before. . But under the hood, there’s plenty more to get excited about with this new entry in the BOSS multi-effects family – here’s everything you need to know about the GX-100, with helpful comments from the folks who made it.

The color touchscreen will deliver a “new era of usability”

The core functionality of the GX-100 is sure to be a game-changer from more traditional multi-effects units – including the flagship GT-1000 – and reflects how touchscreens have become part of almost everyone’s daily life. world. “By adopting a more modern user interface, the GX-100 enables a more user-friendly workflow,” BOSS tells us. “It’s an extension of today’s consumer lifestyle and ushers in a new era of convenience for BOSS multi-effects. It’s never been easier to create, adjust, and experiment with patch making. »

It offers the best of both worlds for the multi-effects faithful

If you’re a long-time multi-effects user, chances are you appreciate the reassuring tactile feel of a parameter knob between your fingers – and BOSS hasn’t totally abandoned that for the GX-100 in the quest for state-of-the-art touch screens. Focusing on the best tool for the job, the BOSS team created a hybrid workspace that uses knobs, switches, knobs and that touchscreen to give you the best of both worlds.

“The hybrid design combining touchscreen and buttons is the identity of the GX-100,” says BOSS. “During the planning phase, we considered a fully touch-enabled device with no buttons. However, a multi-effects processor has a lot of parameters to edit and most guitarists are familiar with the traditional knob operation for adjusting tone. By synchronizing the benefits of both, you can freely draw the effects chain with your fingertips, then color in the detailed tone parameters with the dial knobs, without losing inspiration.

Picture: BOSS

Built-in sounds were created without compromise

The GX-100 may be a mid-priced unit, but the built-in amp and effects sounds are anything but. Derived from BOSS’s flagship GT-1000 unit, the GX-100 features over 150 onboard effect options, plus 23 onboard amp models to pair them with, giving you all the tones you need in one. unity. Thanks to BOSS’s AIRD technology and refined Tube Logic approach, each of these amps has a natural amp feel and the ability to match your output to any situation, whether it’s an amp input, a wideband monitor or a home sound system. In addition to BOSS’s own engineers, popular guitarists John Browne (Monuments), Jack Gardiner and Jay Leonard J have also developed presets for the unit.

Lots of opportunities for experimentation

The GX-100 not only gives you a wealth of amp types and effects borrowed from the GT-1000, it also offers something brand new – a chain of non-fixed effects allowing you to place your virtual pedals in the order of your choice. With 15 freely assignable effect blocks available and the ability to use more than one type of the same effect in a single chain, the ability to stack discs or chain atmospheric effects is a boon for sound experimenters. But this was one of the most difficult aspects of developing the GX-100.

“The basic algorithm was derived from BOSS’ flagship GT-1000, but to integrate them with the new chain of freely assignable effects, we had to create the sound engine from scratch,” explains BOSS. “While making sure we kept the BOSS quality, developing the whole system so that each effect flowed smoothly was one of the big challenges in the process.”

The GX represents a new frontier for BOSS multi-effects

If you’ve bought a BOSS multi-effects unit in the past few decades, chances are it has a GT or ME prefix in the model name – so what’s up with the GX? Well, while the GT series will continue to focus on the needs of live performers, the GX is a recognition that the way guitarists make music and share their music with the world is changing, and the GX-100 is the perfect unit for them. .

“The GT series has always focused on live performance and remains the flagship line, while the GX-100 focuses on delivering broader experiences that match the modern workflow,” says BOSS. “Live performance is no longer always the main goal for all players. The GX-100 bundles many features with a user-friendly form factor to make the unit at home in many settings, such as home practice and recording, live streaming and live performance.

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