Delta Media Outfits Revival

They were all out of breath. The hopes of survival were vain and indescribable. But, a sudden lifeline came to them when Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, the man with the Midas touch, looked in their direction.

Assented to the presentation on the re-engineering of state government media facilities by the Information Commissioner, Mr. Charles Aniagwu, a fanatical apostle of Okowa’s sublime “development religion” in the state, the governor wholeheartedly endorsed her and mobilized Aniagwu for new faces. for media outlets.

Buoyed by the Governor’s endorsement, Aniagwu, pronto, began the turnaround of lackluster media houses under his leadership – Delta Broadcasting Service, Asaba; Delta Broadcasting Service, Warri and Delta Printing and Publishing Company (publishers of The Pointer newspapers).

Before Aniagwu stepped into the saddle as commissioner, the state of the government media was sordid. They were plagued with a myriad of challenges ranging from poor infrastructure, epileptic transmission, poor signals and poor image quality, lack of operational vehicles, low staff morale, poor public image , power supply problems and other operational issues too numerous to mention.

The state government has moved in, and a visit to broadcast stations today testifies to a conscientious and bold transformation, indicating a new dawn. Likewise, a new revival characterized by significant tangible change sits prominently at The Pointer Newspapers House. The sample is a large, well-air-conditioned newsroom with computers on all desks. This is a feat because the automation of the operation of the newspaper is foreign to this “community”.

A suitably amazed managing director of The Pointer, Mr. Monday Uwagwu, said the jaw-dropping innovations in the media house by the Okowa administration, represented by Aniagwu, are marvelous – a state-of-the-art newsroom; new state-of-the-art office complex; new traffic vehicles; new computer units; two new 6.5KVA generators, new split air conditioning units and equipment from the old press room.

Other new features include new furniture for the production unit, desks for the production unit; construction/equipment of an ultra-modern company restaurant, interweaving of company premises; reintroduction of the staff allowance scheme creation/operationalization of the control and traffic unit and restructuring of security and reception posts.

At Delta Broadcasting Service’s Asaba and Ubulu-Uku stations, a new 10 kw dual transmitter is planned along with other equipment needed to improve the station’s signals in the state and South-South region.

The state government has also approved the upgrade of the Delta Broadcast Service in Warri. Transmitters and other tools would be provided for Asaba station and Ubulu-Uku substation to improve signal strength.

Aniagwu recently told reporters, “The good thing for me is that Exco approved the Delta Broadcast Service upgrade. So over the next six months, we will be providing them with transmitters that can cover the entire state whenever possible.

A visit to the station shows that work has begun to improve the station’s signals and picture quality and in a few months Deltans and South-Southers will be able to watch Delta Television via terrestrial transmission and Startimes.

Also speaking on Aniagwu’s giant strides in transforming DBS Asaba, the station’s General Manager, Mr. Frankwhyte Osabohien said the narrative has changed for the station.

“Today, the transmission on both platforms is uninterrupted. The government executed IPP project in the state capital is supplying electricity to the broadcast equipment in addition to the purchase of several broadcast equipment like FM studio audio mixing console, FM dummy load , audio processors tone signal generator, professional studio microphones, audio studio monitor, mast/TV/studio grounding system, mast aviation lighting system and power amplifiers. TV transmitter. A 20 kW radio transmitter was refurbished while UPS batteries were also purchased to maintain power to critical operating areas in the event of a power failure.

“In addition, several dissemination equipments have been purchased to improve the efficiency of service delivery in terms of information dissemination.

“All in all, the government’s desire is to link Warri Station via Ubulu-Uku with a view to ensuring that all parts of Delta State simultaneously receive the signals emanating from the Delta Broadcasting Service. To achieve this, the government has placed orders for the manufacture of transmitters to facilitate the achievement of the set objectives.

“Work is underway at the Ubulu-Uku booster station and it is hoped that before long Deltans, wherever they reside in the state, will get voice from Delta 97.9 FM and Delta Television.

“It suffices to state with certainty that the appointment of Mr. Charles Ehiedu Aniagwu is a blessing for Delta Broadcasting Service, Asaba. with respect to Crown-owned broadcast equipment.

“He also tackled the poor state of the broadcast team’s environment. The result is that DBS Asaba’s narrative has changed and is getting better day by day,” Osabohien said.

The Managing Director, DBS Warri, Mr. Malcom Oteri said the station got a 150 KVA generator and UPS repair from the state government. He said that with the support of Aniagwu, the station has also purchased operational vehicles from the revenue generated internally by the station.

Speaking to some editors in his Asaba office recently, Aniagwu said he also got approval from the state governor to recruit workers to fill vacancies in the media.

Aniagwu also said priority would be given to skilled casual media workers, who have worked for up to ten years and above. According to him, after regularizing these categories of workers, if there are still vacancies, we will ask for another approval to recruit from the general public. He warned that the recruitment exercise will be strictly based on merit and not on the basis of political considerations.

Aniagwu remains optimistic that before the end of Okowa’s administration, the Deltans would be bequeathed the best media outlets in south-south Nigeria.

• Egware is Senior Special Assistant (Media) to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State

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