DiGiCo brings sonic perfection to the epicenter of Spanish leisure and gastronomy Odiseo

DiGiCo brings sonic perfection to the epicenter of Spanish leisure and gastronomy Odiseo

DiGiCo brings sonic perfection to the epicenter of Spanish leisure and gastronomy Odiseo

Spain – Known for its gentle coastline and unspoiled coves, laid-back Murcia is a hub of landmarks to linger over. One of them is ODISEO, a unique place dedicated to the pure pursuit of pleasure. With three restaurants, a sports bar, a nightclub, a showroom and multiple terraces, as well as the largest cantilevered swimming pool in Europe suspended 27 meters above the ground floor, ODISEO’s remarkable 15,500 m2 space is spread over three levels and offers an entertainment experience synonymous with tourism. empires such as Las Vegas and Dubai. Alongside great entertainment, the venue’s equally impressive audio infrastructure includes DiGiCo 4REA4 processors and a Quantum225 console supplied by RMS Proaudio, DiGiCo’s distributor in Spain.

ODISEO belongs to the Orenes group, one of the fastest growing Spanish companies in the leisure sector with numerous projects, including casinos, gaming and sports betting rooms, as well as hotels and restaurants. Committed to innovation and the use of the latest technologies as one of the main drivers for the growth of a successful project, Orenes Group engaged the sound design consultant Lolo Moldes, who worked closely with the team of RMS Proaudio to deliver the audio installation. .

“When the Orènes group contacted me about the ODISEO project in early 2019, I was immediately hooked,” says Moldes. “Architecturally stunning and unique in every way, I was driven by the team’s ambition to have the complete, high-end AV infrastructure installed in this new location, which would have the same look and feel. same style as some of the best entertainment venues in Las Vegas.

With only three months until the official opening of ODISEO, Moldes planned the perfect audio setup that would be able to accommodate the full integrated entertainment experience of the venue. After careful consideration, DiGiCo systems were chosen because of their simple architecture, solid sound quality and processing power.

“From the start, we knew that the systems we were installing would be used by Odiseo’s in-house engineers for our own shows, as well as guest sound engineers for international artists performing on-site,” adds the Technical Director. from ODISEO, Isidro Carrasco. “Therefore, ease of use was one of our top priorities,” says Carrasco. “The sound quality and future-proofing the system for many years to come were also very important points of consideration, as well as the rider-friendly system. DiGiCo ticked all of our boxes, so we were happy to proceed with the installation.

Originally, Seville AV equipment supplier RMS Proaudio installed three DiGiCo SD11i consoles in different areas of the venue. Following the launch of Quantum225 in 2021, the ODISEO team swapped one of the SD11i for this small format digital console equipped with a powerful Quantum Engine.

“We were satisfied with our SD11i consoles, but when the Quantum225 arrived on the market, we did what was already part of the DNA of the Orènes group: investing in the latest technologies. And we were excited to work with the new Quantum console! exclaims Carrasco. “The Quantum Engine gives us a big improvement in the sound of our dinner show, and it’s great to mix with the nodal processing feature on the monitoring side. We also like the Mustard optical compressor available on the DiGiCo Quantum consoles , as it gives us better flexibility and extra control in a mix.

In addition to the consoles, DiGiCo’s 4REA4 system processors were also deployed to provide routing, processing and mixing control at Odiseo’s multi-space site.

For in-ear mixing, RMS Proaudio provided a KLANG:vokal immersive in-ear mixing processor that allows up to 12 musicians to create their own immersive in-ear mix from 24 mono or stereo sources, perfect for the varied program of Odiseo visits. and resident artists.

“Thanks to KLANG:vocal, the ODISEO team were able to seriously improve the listening experience of their in-house and tour performances, with KLANG providing much more clarity and spatiality to artists’ in-ear monitoring systems” , says Manu Meñaca, technical support and educational service at RMS Proaudio.

Once the installation was complete, the ODISEO technical team received full training on the DiGiCo and KLANG systems, with RMS Proaudio continuing to offer full support when the team has questions.

“We are very satisfied with the choice of our DiGiCo and KLANG products,” concludes Carrasco. “For Odiseo’s management system, we use two 4REA4 processors from which we run up to 150 channels to around 80 buses. We have DiGiCo A-Control Series remote controls spread throughout the site for different functions. The system is perfect for our use and the three DiGiCo consoles we use, along with the five D2-Racks give us the sound quality and setups we need. I can’t think of anything we could have done better!”

DiGiCo brings sonic perfection to the epicenter of Spanish leisure and gastronomy OdiseoDiGiCo brings sonic perfection to the epicenter of Spanish leisure and gastronomy Odiseo

May 10, 2022

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