DiGiCo on the way to Milan with Avnu Alliance


DiGiCo is renowned for keeping an eye on the current and future needs of the industry. Recognizing that the post-pandemic connectivity landscape is going to be more critical than ever, he announced his participation in the Avnu® Alliance. This shift to AVB networking and Milan ™ family, as well as a special focus on how best to integrate Milan into its range of digital mixing consoles, is an ambition the company is celebrating is now underway.

Milan was developed through close cooperation between a number of manufacturers. It relies on a common networking technology to create a link between the audiovisual, computer and silicon industries. It is already used in projects around the world and by manufacturers such as Adamson, Biamp, d & b audiotechnik, L-Acoustics, Meyer Sound, Neutrik and RCF.

“DiGiCo is always at the cutting edge of technology”, comments the CEO of DiGiCo, Austin freshwater. “We have been studying the AVB format for some time, and now that the standard and the Milan team are making the pro audio integration elements of AVB much more industry friendly, now is the right time for us to take a look. to imply.

Milan is built on the open AVB standard and allows all Milan devices to work together, ensuring fully realized and standards-based networks. Activating Milan’s DiGiCo will allow its industry standard consoles to be seamlessly added to the network chain ensuring that all AVB products are fully Milan certified.

“Many of our PA partners now support the AVB format and it won’t be long before it becomes a plug and play option on all DiGiCo consoles. “ Fresh water concludes. “R&D is officially on the move! “

Further announcements on the implementation of DiGiCo in Milan will be made in the near future.

Info: www.digico.biz

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