Doctor Who production company name hints at shared universe and spinoff

The announcement of a new company, Whoniverse1 Ltd., run by a Doctor Who producer, sparks speculation about a potential shared universe and new spinoffs.

A new production company listed as Whoniverse 1 Ltd. Doctor Who Tethered Producer sparks speculation of a potential shared universe in the franchise’s immediate future. While still in the home stretch of the Thirteenth Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) tenure with Doctor Who: Flux currently airing, fans of the show have been eagerly speculating on what the show’s immediate future might hold. Whittaker, along with showrunner Chris Chibnall, will bow out in the fall of next year at the end of three specials airing through 2022 as part of the BBC’s centenary celebrations. Doctor Who will then have to worry about its own celebrations like November 23e 2023 will mark 60 years since its debut in 1963.


Many were delighted to learn that Russell T. Davies, who relaunched the show for modern audiences in 2005, would resume his showrunning duties for the special occasion and for the “series beyond”. If past transfers between modern-age showrunners are any indication, Davies will likely have a clean slate to work with for Doctor Who season 14. This has led to speculation as to what the series will look like now that the Returning Writer has had a gap of over a decade, during which he wrote and produced many critically acclaimed dramas. such as It’s a sin since the beginning of this year.

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GOV.UK has registered a new company under the name WHONIVERSE1 LTD with one of its directors being Julie Gardner, co-founder of Bad Wolf Productions who will co-produce Doctor Who from 2023 when Russell T. Davies returns as showrunner. Gardner was executive producer of Doctor Who from 2005 to 2010 with Davies under his first run and was a very influential figure on his production and overall direction. Two other personalities listed as directors are Natasha Olivia Anne Hale and Jane Tranter, the latter being the BBC’s Drama Commissioning Officer since the early 2000s and another major figure in Doctor Who recovery from 2005.

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The fact that Gardner is one of the directors of the Whoniverse Company seems to indicate that this will be the production company used to produce Doctor Who in the future, starting with the 60e birthday celebrations. The term “Whoniverse” has often been used by fans to refer to the larger Doctor Who continuity that surrounds the television show. Doctor Who always received a generous amount of ancillary media, especially when the show was cut from 1989 to 2005, which saw The Doctor’s adventures continue through countless books, comics, and even full-length audio dramas produced by Big Finish. This choice of name may suggest that Doctor Who under Bad Wolf could see a major expansion of spin-offs that expand the world of the series.

Indeed, under the original race of Russell T. Davies, there were two derivative series: Torchwood and The Adventures of Sarah Jane. These series followed companions Captain Jack Harkness and Sarah Jane Smith respectively as protagonists and built their own cast of characters who would relate to Doctor Who for a major crossover event in the 2008 episode “Journey’s End”. Davies himself also stated publicly, before it was announced that he was returning, saying that Doctor Who should have a large shared universe in the MCU Vain. While nothing is confirmed yet, the information we have so far indicates that this coming era will certainly have major ambitions for the scope of capable storytelling in the Whoniverse.

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Source: GOV.UK

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