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Ascension Council and President

The Ascension Parish Council passed five ordinances Thursday in one of the less controversial meetings (is it a coincidence that the Prairieville members who happen to be lawyers have been away for some time. And a resolution was passed after a Executive session to authorize the resolution of a seemingly endless opioid litigation, the terms of which were kept secret. Among the newly codified ordinances is an update to the “Salary Classification Plan to Add Positions and Revise the Work Class for the Director of Human Resources” of the parish, while adding ten new positions.

The new salary range for the Director of Human Resources, with a corresponding work grade of 133 (as high as any position included in the current plan), is $ 104 to $ 147,000 (rounded). Two more new positions, Director of Health and Community Development Who’s gonna do it…

Identify and build relationships with a group of collaborative partners to ensure better health and wellness outcomes for the citizens of Ascension Parish. Public-private partnerships will be created to impact the health and well-being of the community through early childhood education, school health clinics, integrated public / community and behavioral health services , and monitor overall health and well-being through key metrics and the community health needs assessment which is carried out every three years.

The executive level position is responsible for the planning, development and administration of general parish policies and procedural improvements in all related departments.

Drainage Engineer 3, also comes with this category of work and this salary range. If you correctly deduced that two more Drainage Engineer positions have been added (1 and 2), you might be curious about their respective salary ranges.

  • Drainage Engineer 1: $ 63-90,000;
  • Drainage Engineer 2: 74-110,000 $.

The first is an entry level job, requiring a “Bachelor of Engineering.” Two years of professional experience in drainage, floodplain management, stormwater management or similar fields (higher level may require an MEP). NOTE: The applicant must also have a valid Louisiana driver’s license.

The Drainage Engineer 2 requires a bachelor’s degree in engineering (civil or structural preferred), plus’ six years of professional engineering experience involved in drainage, floodplain management, stormwater management or similar fields. The first Drainage Engineering position requires the same degree with “over 10 years of experience in the design and construction of roads, drainage, water and sewers (not storm water, although a a separate stormwater management ordinance was adopted on Thursday referring to the director responsible for oversight).

NOTE: Let’s not forget that there is going to be a national search to find the first Eastern Ascension Drainage Director after four months of haggling over whether President Clint Cointment is going to retain his authority …

EA Drainage Approves Cointment Deal In Loud Meeting (Another Orgeron Collapse)

Then there is the Data Analytics Director of Performance Accountability that comes with a 128 work class and a salary range of $ 81-115,000. What does (let’s call it) DPADA do? Summary of the position, in its entirety:

Responsible for the vision, strategy and operations of data and analytics for Ascension Parish Government.

CAUTION: It sounds good at first glance, but these are the type of guys who have ruined Major League Baseball for a lot of us.

Among the “essential professional functions” are:

  • Participate in strategy development and provide data science to support data-driven administration decisions;
  • Develop measurable performance matrices using objective data tracking for departments;
  • Coordinate and implement software systems integration and automation services;
  • Development and supervision of tools and analysis models that guide the daily workflows of parish services …

There is a lot more, but you see the picture. The DPADA will also be responsible for the supervision of three Data Analyst positions:

  • I ($ 45-64,000)
  • II ($ 50-70,000)
  • III ($ 60-85,000)

which have been added, with almost identical work summaries:

The Data Analyst will help the CTO and Systems Administrator to retrieve, organize, analyze and report data important to administration in order to make critical decisions, identify production issues, d ” optimize efficiency, display / prioritize resources and streamline the logistics and processes of Ascension Parish Government.

Then there’s the Minister of Ascension Propaganda, uh, Community outreach coordinator. With a salary range of $ 60,000 to $ 85,000, the position “oversees the planning and implementation of outreach strategies …

This person is primarily responsible for connecting people in the wider community with parish government by cultivating relationships and building trust with residents, businesses and other relevant organizations. The Community Outreach Coordinator maintains all community outreach activities and serves to develop and implement initiatives that enhance parish government and build trust with the community.

Sorta looks like a Minister of Propaganda. If “building trust with residents” is really the goal, there are better ways than that. Start by NOT doing this …

Public money to repair a private holding pond, the Roux contract on the EA drainage agenda (Monday)



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