Eddie Kramer harnesses the power of the Solid State Logic UF8 controller for remote monitoring and mixing


Toronto, Canada, December 22, 2021 – Eddie Kramer, whose CV does not need to be presented, is the quintessential engineer / producer who is typically pictured in front of a sprawling recording console with dozens and dozens of chains. Over the past 18 months, however, that has all changed. Kramer found himself using his small office / mixing room in his home in Toronto – a city he hasn’t set foot on since February 2020 – and reinventing his entire workflow with modern technology. , including the Solid State Logic UF8 controller.

“I had just finished a bunch of sessions at Capitol Studios in Hollywood for a Hendrix outing, came home and then COVID hit. I said, ‘OK, I’m not going anywhere. How am I going to work? ‘ Kramer recalls. He soon realized that the time had come to explore new digital workflows and re-evaluate his own process. “I had heard information about the different ways to work remotely and decided that I needed to rotate 180 °, so that’s exactly what I did. I set up my office like a small studio. I upgraded my laptop, got a bigger monitor for my ProTools sessions, a few speakers, and finally UF8 SSL. That was pretty much it.

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Before COVID, Kramer had never even set up home recording: “I’ve always been in the studio and never even thought about having a studio in my home. He was living in Toronto and during lockdown he decided to team up with engineer / friend Jason Burgos of Twin River Studios. “I made a deal where I brought about 60% of my analog gear in racks, including a nice ATR tape recorder. Around the same time, he discovered Audio Movers how he could run high quality sessions remotely, and with virtually no latency. “I tried it, and I couldn’t believe it. I thought, this is how I’m going to work. After installing his modest but powerful new system, he started to miss the tactile feel of the faders.

“I always wanted to get my hands on the faders and tried out a few control surfaces that will remain unnamed,” he says. “I had seen UF8 SSL in action before, so I contacted SSL and they told me everything and sent me one. As soon as I tried it, I said: “This is it, I’m in it!” Very soon after, Kramer’s partner also acquired one and now both are able to work in parallel on real-time monitoring and mixing projects. . “I can put together a mix of let’s say the drums in real time, send it to him, and then he makes adjustments. I can watch and listen to these settings in real time, then we go back and forth between the two of us.

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Perhaps it’s no surprise that, as a ’60s kid,’ Kramer quickly enjoyed the UF8’s elaborate light show routine when it was first powered up. “This light show gives me so much joy and it’s like a total throwback. It’s the ultimate geek thing to see UF8 do its laps. Aside from the fancy light shows, Kramer has been very impressed with the ergonomics and tactile feel of the device: “The best part of the UF8 is the ease of use and feel of the faders, which is great – I just can’t say enough about them. subject, “he says.” I do eight tracks at a time, then cascade over my second fader bank layer if I need to. If I’m drumming, I can do whatever moves I can. used to do and it is such a relief.

Kramer is known as a “performance mixer” and is used to maneuvering around large format consoles, much like a virtuoso guitarist might navigate six strings on a neck: “I use all ten fingers on the console,” he says. he. “And when you haven’t used any faders in a while – and I haven’t used that for about four or five months before you started this thing – it reminds you that this is what mixing is all about.” Assumed to be. I can’t separate my brain from my hands, and the faders go up and down. My mixes never stand still and things are moving all the time.

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In addition to having excellent tactile response, Kramer and his partner say that the workflow and clean aesthetics offered by UF8 help them achieve a final mix in half the time: “I like the way the layers work and how we can customize the screens for each layer. The programmable keys are awesome and automation is a snap. For Kramer, who is decidedly “old school”, the build-up time to start using UF8 was quick and efficient. “I plugged it in, hammered it and after a few sessions we finished it. I’m always discovering new ways to elevate the mix with UF8..it definitely saved my ass, let’s put it that way! “

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