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We wrote about developer Excite Audio and its plug-ins which are exciting indeed! Lifeline Console is a solid and very user-friendly analog saturation multi-tool. Lifeline Expanse emulates the sounds of real recording spaces to add professional shine with equal ease. Both plug-ins received new Apple Silicon updates and went on sale for 59 euros each (instead of 68 euros). 14% off isn’t a huge discount, but it goes great with the Apple compatibility news announcement!

Excite Audio Lifeline Console and Lifeline Expanse sale


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Lifeline Console focuses on the control room side of things – more specifically, the mixer and outboard gear. Lifeline Expanse simulates the space and character of recording environments and listening equipment. Both plug-ins allow for compact gatherings of analog hardware sounds and are suitable for both novice and experienced producers. They are sold individually for 59 euros eachor together within the Lifebuoy set for 99 euros. The latter seems like a particularly solid proposition.

Lifeline console features five modules contributing to an overall analog flavor – preamp (preheat and boost) with customizable frequency response), EQ (analog circuit modeling), compressor (with auto make-up control for easy connection), modulation (band type with distortion and speed variations), and Wear (noise, artifacts and random tape, vinyl and cassette errors). So there are tons of analog overdrives for recordings that sound like, you know, a recording, as well as creative audio degradation options. That, and the styles in between depending on how you tweak the custom modules.

Vital range is a little different. Again, it has a lot of simulations, but they look more like listening equipment (speaker, monitors, consumer electronic speakers and vintage IR). You can give character or hear your tracks sound through emulations of small phone and laptop speakers, guitar speakers, larger studio monitors, and studio gear like cassette mics or 8-track tape. The latest update adds 25 new presets across all categories, along with visual optimizations for an improved user experience.


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You can purchase Lifeline Console, Lifeline Expanse and the Lifeline Bundle from our Plugin Boutique Affiliate Partner *:

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Lifeline plug-ins are available in 64-bit VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats as well as standalone software for Windows and Mac computers.

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