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JDM fans rejoice in the return of legendary nameplates like Supra and the supposed return of the Silvia. It’s definitely the start of a new JDM renaissance, especially with the new Nissan 400z and upcoming GTR model. These legends are coming back to market with more clout thanks to increased regulations and disappointingly sounding turbocharged engines. Newer models from manufacturers may be insufficient, but that doesn’t mean older models aren’t on the used market yet. With sonic, high-revving engines and a lightweight design, the 1990s JDM Icons will satisfy any passionate enthusiast.

With a 1.8-liter engine producing 195 horsepower, the Acura Integra Type R hit 60 mph in 6.6 seconds. Engineers didn’t stop there, slashing nearly 100 pounds of curb weight by removing soundproofing and the sunroof as well as installing an upgraded suspension system. Coming from the factory, the Type R laid the foundation for future R models. The model continued as the RSX but never reached the same heights as the original vehicle. At the time, Japanese manufacturers used to sell two sports cars, the top model and then the entry-level model. The Integra Type R played second fiddle to the NSX and certain design motifs such as the rear spoiler allude to this. A two-door coupe with rear seats, it certainly has some advantages over its larger stablemate.

At over twenty years old, some Type Rs need work, but it’s worth it.

How much does an Acura Integra Type R cost?

Acura Integra 2001

Classic, a classic car price aggregator, finds that the Integra Type R sells for an average of $32,032. Like all JDM icons, the Integra Type R is loved. Interest in older Acura models is currently higher than ever. The reborn NSX took the philosophy of hybrid drivetrains found in hypercars such as the Porsche 918 and sold it for the same price as a Porsche 911. The original NSX existed as the pinnacle of Honda Group engineering. As a result, it was beyond the reach of many. The Integra lives in another section of the market. With the return of the model, the original JDM icon has caught the attention of many.

When Toyota brought back the Supra, it was in partnership with BMW, with BMW underpinnings, many were left disappointed with what exactly the new Supra was. Fans might be worried that the newest Integra won’t live up to the long-gone model. Thus, examples of the original Integra Type R are more expensive and sell out faster than before. Acura’s current Integra uses the same platform as the top-of-the-line Honda Civic and Acura ILX.

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According to Hagerty, Integras from 1997 to 2001 sold about 50,000 units a year. They continue to claim that the “engines were essentially hand-built”, just like those from AMG. The engine “wasn’t powerful on paper, but it was exhilarating”. Haggerty cites the VTEC system which provides peak power at just 400 rpm before the 8400 rpm redline. Much like the VTEc-powered Civic and S2000 models, the Integra Type R is a car drivers need to drive hard to get the most out of it.

How to maintain the Acura Integra Type R?

2001 Acura Integra Type R Interior

The third generation Integra left production in 2001, as did the Type R which used this coupé as a base. Even the most recent Integra Type R models are now over twenty years old. Thus, the models that date from the start of production are even older. Acura’s first copies of the model were launched in the Japanese market in 1993 and sold in the United States in 1995. At the same time, the Honda Group did not only produce iconic vehicles like the EK9 Honda Civic. But the Integra has taken on Nissan vehicles like Toyota’s Silvia and Celica. The same problems that plague this vintage of JDM cars apply to the Integra Type R. Poor quality modification, rust are potential problems. At more than twenty years, some unpredictable problems will also occur, for example, engine hoses can break and leave a driver stuck.

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With such advanced age, many examples on the second-hand market have high mileages. At 90,000 miles, the timing belt and water pump should be replaced. Without a less reputable modification, a potential buyer doesn’t have to expect much in the way of special maintenance. It is important to notice how original the car is, a buyer looks at it. Checking VINs is an easy way to do this. If these don’t match, something is definitely going on. Damaged, repaired and put back on the road, some Integras will have hidden pasts that could easily create mechanical nightmares.

According to Hagerty, the Type R gives you one more thing to check out. Throughout the vehicle are numerous Type R branded gear shift knobs, serial numbers and five-lug wheels. If all of these original parts are in place and the car is a clean, unmodified example, prices could significantly increase Classic’s average figure. However, with the car being an entry-level luxury offering, owners drove, raced and modified these cars on a daily basis. So don’t expect to find a pristine example for sale.

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