Introducing Kawasaki hybrid and electric motorcycles

Two-wheeler giant Kawasaki will be one of the first Japanese automakers to make a foray into electric mobility with consumer offerings. The brand has already announced plans to bring electric motorcycles in the future and recently showcased its two prototypes in the advanced stages at the Suzuka 8 Hours endurance race. The prototypes were of an electric and hybrid motorcycle with the bikes doing a brief demonstration at the race event amidst the crowd.

The first bike to be shown was the electric-powered Kawasaki which sports the Z branding and design. The hybrid bike, on the other hand, gets a full fairing similar to a Ninja offering. However, the final designs are likely to be very different and more futuristic than the ones currently on show. Kawasaki added EV and HEV decals to the bikes, indicating their respective powertrain.

While there’s no official word on power figures for either prototype, the Kawasaki electric motorcycle would be an entry-level urban commuter and rival 125cc ICE motorcycles. Power figures should be around 15PS. There’s no word on the hybrid version, but it could be a Ninja 300 equivalent, so expected performance around the 40PS mark.

Kawasaki hybrid and electric motorcycles featured (2)

Kawasaki is getting aggressive on electric drive and prototypes look set to hit the market. Although we don’t expect a launch this year, the brand could present the models in production-ready form as early as November at EICMA. The launch could take place in its home market – Japan – sometime in 2023. That said, we expect the bikes to hit other developed markets as well. However, we will have to see how soon the bikes will hit the Indian market.

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