James Corden ‘Offered Record TV Deal By The Late Late Show’ | Entertainment


James Corden has reportedly been offered a record deal to continue hosting “The Late Late Show”.

The 43-year-old actor has been hosting the CBS show since 2015 and, with his current contract due to expire in 2022, he has been offered a new contract that will make him the highest-paid TV personality in the UK.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “CBS doesn’t have a plan B, James is their guy and they see him staying with them.

“He’s one of the faces of the network, he presents a blockbuster show and gets a lot of traffic to them online. The numbers under discussion are around £ 15million ($ 20.6million ) for two years.

“It may sound like a lot, but James brings so much to CBS. Unlike his rivals, his online segments including ‘Carpool Karaoke’ and ‘Crosswalk Musical’ are huge worldwide hits on the web, generating huge revenues. in addition. “

James has previously admitted that he sees himself as a “performer” rather than a “broadcaster”.

And the actor – who has appeared in a number of big-budget films in recent years, including “Cats” and “Peter Rabbit” – believes his theatrical skills are key to the series’ success.

He explained, “I never think of myself as a broadcaster. I really think of myself as a performer. I think that’s probably where my strengths lie.

“A lot of people would say about these [late-night] shows you have to play to your strengths. And I say, no, I think you just have to ignore your weaknesses. “

James also revealed that his episode of “Carpool Karaoke” with Sir Paul McCartney remains one of his career highlights.

He said: “I just had this overwhelming feeling, like my grandfather, who was a musician, who I’m pretty sure introduced me to the Beatles, with my dad back then, I just had that overwhelming feeling that if he could see that, if he’d had a chance to shake the man’s hand, it would’ve made his week, his month, his year. And here I am singing those same songs. … It upset me.

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