Joe Biden Gaslights America on Gas Prices

Raison editors Matt Welch, Peter Suderman, Katherine Mangu-Ward and Nick Gillespie discuss US foreign policy debacles other than the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

11:15 p.m.: Weekly Listener Question: I was wondering if you could discuss alternative strategies for approaching Russia. For example, can we militarize immigration policy instead of just relying on money for weapons systems and sanctions? What if the United States issued an unlimited number of visas to any Russian citizen? What if we immediately granted U.S. citizenship to all Russian active duty soldiers and their families who surrender? It might be interesting if you include bounties to soldiers who defected for bringing their equipment – $1,000 for a rifle, $100,000 for a tank, $1 million for a MiG…all much cheaper than the weapons used against them. Looks like the military would quickly depopulate, and Putin couldn’t replace if millions of Russian citizens decamped to the United States. You’d also have the side benefit of eliminating any labor shortages and maybe doing something real against inflation so I think that’s a fun idea but I’d appreciate your thoughts on this idea or on any other alternative strategy to deal with the Russian conflict.

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