Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof builds new house with Allen & Heath


Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof builds new house with Allen & Heath

Germany – The German cultural center Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof eV has resided at the eastern end of the old town of Heidelberg since 1995 and, in addition to the almost 600-seat concert hall and the Klub K nightclub, offers space for the cultural café association, free theater, Eine-Welt-Zentrum (One World Center), media forum and community cinema. In 2017, the decision was taken to move the Karlstorbahnhof to a new location slated to open at the end of 2022, on the site of the former Campbell Barracks in the Südstadt of Heidelberg.

During the planning phase of the move, the city of Heidelberg provided funds for the technical modernization of the building, part of these funds being allocated to a new audio mixing system for the center. Christoph Hack, Technical Director of the Karlstorbahnhof, has opted for an Allen & Heath Avantis console and a GX4816 audio expander, which will be used for the outdoor summer stage and hall, while the hall is still in use. “I have been excited about Allen & Heath since I first encountered the SQ-6,” says Hack, “so it was clear to me that we were now going to rely on their consoles.”

Östringen-based Session Pro was responsible for supplying and installing the system, and in addition to the Avantis and the GX4816, all components for the installation at the new location are already ordered. “After the move, the FOH console will be an Allen & Heath dLive S3000 console,” Hack said. “The Avantis will then serve as a monitoring console and a mobile console for the home. A MixRack DM32 will be permanently installed in the technical room. Four DX168 expanders will be on stage, two DX164-W expanders will be attached to the front of the stage, and all connected to the DM32 via a DX hub. “

Using Dante expansion cards in both consoles, Hack will provide digital separation between the front panel and monitors, distribute signals throughout the building, and offer a multitrack recording solution. The theater will be equipped with an Allen & Heath SQ-5 in the new room, and again a Dante expansion card will distribute the signals to the other rooms in the house. “We can also derive additional added value from Dante cards, as we can integrate our wireless systems directly into the dLive system and monitor them there,” concludes Hack.

The Allen & Heath Avantis is currently in use for outdoor performances at the center, before switching to MON functions when the new building is completed in 2022.

September 24, 2021

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