Lawo Unveils IP Diamond Native Streaming Console

RASTATT, Germany—Lawo today launched its new Diamond broadcast console for radio and television applications, a native IP mixing system based on the AES67 / RAVENNA open audio over IP network standards.

The mixing system, introduced at a special event broadcast live from the company headquarters, also complies with SMPTE ST2110-30 / -31 and ST2022-7 standards. Powered by the Lawo Power Core engine, Diamond provides expandable I / O supporting AES67, MADI, analog, AES3 as well as Dante audio sources and destination, Lawo said.

Available in configurations from two to 60 physical faders, Diamond is a modular mixing solution that can be used in desktop and recessed buildings. Color displays adjacent to the faders provide extensive source information, and two layers of faders allow operators to instantly switch between multiple tasks, he said.

Quiet, motorized faders and precise encoders, such as those used in Lawo’s mc² audio production consoles, allow integration with broadcast and program automation systems. They are well suited for multi-layered operations involving voice tracking, remote production, or DAW control. LED button illumination and programmable, color-coded encoder highlight common control functions, he said.

Optional virtual expansion modules feature HD color TFT displays for extended information and touch control. Ember + and HTML5 integration provides control over third-party hardware and software, Lawo said.

Based on a holistic concept, diamond is a fully modular production system that allows broadcasters to create exactly the console they envision, tailored to specific user and workflow requirements, he said.

The console uses intelligent algorithms that speed up workflows. Assisted mixing technologies are available. The AutoMix feature automatically maintains the balance of multi-mic productions, and AutoMix Grouping allows this intelligent automatic mixing to be applied to multiple independent source groups. AutoGain, an automatic gain adjustment feature, optimizes microphone levels for guests and hosts with the push of a single button, the company said.

Diamond display applications make the most of IP studio networking, giving users the ability to operate their consoles remotely with full access to all functions from a PC with a LAN connection or WAN.

A recording of the live intro event is available by registering in line.

More information is available on the company website website.

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