LG introduces new flagship Dolby Atmos S95QR soundbar


LG has unveiled a new flagship Dolby Atmos soundbar, the S95QR. The new model offers a 9.1.5 channel configuration and has a claimed total output power of 810W.

The new model adopts a somewhat different speaker layout than seen previously, with dedicated ascending channels on both the main bar and wireless rears, as well as an ascending center speaker. The approach literally elevates Dolby Atmos sound presentation and is believed to improve the clarity of dialogue.

LG’s collaboration with Meridian Audio continues, as evidenced by the inclusion of Meridian’s Horizon technology in Music Mode. The soundbar applies a proprietary mix of two-channel to 7.1-channel audio for “more realistic acoustic surround sound”.

The S95QR features several additional upgrades including brand new speakers, modified speaker chambers, and a larger 8-inch subwoofer driver. It is also compatible with DTS: X content and claims IMAX Enhanced audio compatibility.

The soundbar comes with bundled wireless rear speakers, which offer six channels of sound this year (up from four last season): four front and side drivers come with two speakers. The approach is supposed to provide a more even sound spread over a wide 135 degree space. This gives the setup a bit more latitude when it comes to speaker placement and tilt, which should improve performance in small rooms.

LG claims to have improved the wireless receiver in the subwoofer, up to 30m apparently, which significantly increases the placement options away from the main bar.

Connectivity is forward-facing, with Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Automatic Low Latency Mode (ALLM) as standard, but there is no 4k 120fps support, so gamers looking for this output will need to connect their next-gen consoles to the screen, and route the audio to the soundbar using eARC.

The S95QR also works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. LG also introduces a WOWCAST Wi-Fi audio dongle system that supports wireless multi-channel audio from TV to soundbar, no connection wires required.

When connected to a compatible LG TV, the soundbar is compatible with LG’s AI Sound Pro feature, while AI room calibration allows the model to tailor its sound to any given space. .

Availability and price for 2022 are to be announced.


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