Local bands perform at Hendershot’s in support of Athens Resonates | Arts & Culture

On Saturday night, Well Kept, Night Palace and T. Hardy Morris gathered at Hendershot’s to play original music and support the local organization Athens Resonates. Prior to the three performances, Half-Shepherd Market hosted a wine and cheese tasting to accompany the evening activities.

The soft and charming ambiance of the night was the perfect atmosphere for people to converse with each other and also enjoy the live music. The smells of fresh, ground coffee wafted through the bar and people crowded quickly around the stage as the first performers prepared their instruments.

The lights slowly dimmed, drawing the attention of the crowd on stage as their voices fell silent. Well Kept started the evening with a long acoustic intro in an alternative soft rock set. Lead singer Tommy Trautwein highlighted his gratitude to everyone who supports Athens Resonates and the importance of mental health awareness.

As they entered one of the first songs they ever wrote, “Good Thoughts”, bassist Ian White joked that this song was really quiet and the audience needed to get even closer to it. the stage so you can hear it. . As the crowd laughed and grew closer, the opening chords began and the rest of their performance was accompanied by swaying and smiles from the audience.

Trautwein dove deep into one of the songs, talking about how she attempts to explain feelings after a relationship. “It’s about the weird in-between after a relationship ends — you know someone so well, and then you don’t at all,” Trautwein said.

After their performance, many people visited the table that Athens Resonates set up with custom vinyl records from each band. The non-profit organization is made up of local Athens artists and musicians. Together they record their songs live and press them at Kindercore Vinyl to create 7 inch vinyl. No two vinyls are the same as they are individually mixed to create unique color expressions.

This concert marked the first event organized by Athens Resonates since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. All of the night’s sales went to Nuçi’s Space, a nonprofit health and resource center supporting artists and musicians, and Boys & Girls Clubs of Athens, which hosts the Music Makers program and teaches children local audio production, computer skills and audio. production.

Drew Vandenberg, Director and Founder of Athens Resonates, explained that it is important to use the resources that are donated to help other existing organizations that already serve many different children in the area.

“I think supporting the future of Athens, kids, is something I’m hugely passionate about, and it’s something anyone can support,” Vandenberg said.

As the lights go down again to prepare for Night Palace’s performance, high-pitched pop piano notes echo through the bar and a purple spotlight hits the stage as lead singer Avery Leigh sings softly into the microphone.

Night Palace’s performance captivated the audience with a dreamy, lo-fi pop-rock set. Leigh’s magnetic voice wowed the crowd and her stage presence was whimsical. Ashton Dooley, musician and audience member, explained how unique each performer was.

“The close-knit community and talented musicians are my favorite things. There are a lot of super talented people here in the scene,” Dooley said.

Night Palace completed their set and the final performance of the night followed shortly after.

All the lights in the bar were dimmed and the lamps and spotlights were turned off. String lights on the wall next to the Hendershot panel on the stage twinkled in the background as the sounds of a single performer tuned his instrument.

T. Hardy Morris sang into the mic as the lights behind him danced. The slow ballad was accompanied by a slow rock guitar score and mesmerized the audience with its presence. As the set continued, each song built from the latest and strong drums, electric guitar solos and high frequency guitar duets were slowly introduced.

Morris stopped the set halfway to announce to the audience that it was his mother’s birthday and began to sing happy birthday to her. The audience joined in and celebrated Morris’ set in his honor.

As the performance began to wind down, Leigh jumped onto the stage to back up with backing vocals for the final songs. Then every band member left, and it was just Morris. He dedicated the last song to his mother, and she proudly watched him from her seat, smiling softly at the delicacy of his voice.

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