Making Listening Safe: The Hearing Diary

The World Health Organization is committed to actively contributing to the prevention of sound-induced hearing loss and has created the Make Listening Safe initiative and the Make Listening Safe Workgroup, as part of the World Hearing Forum, to promote these initiatives. We hope these resources will inform and encourage you, as hearing care experts, to join us.


The overarching goal of our Make Listening Safe Task Force is to “create a world where no one’s hearing is endangered due to unsafe listening”.

We created a Make Listening Safe LinkedIn group, which now has over 1,000 members sharing the latest information and best practices on #safelistening. You are welcome to join this online community. Many members of our LinkedIn group have been inspired to become active members of the task force.


Our working group has four main objectives and 65 very active working group members, including end-user associations, hearing care professionals, audiologists, ENTs, musicians, sound engineers, event organizers, social media experts, community workers and many more, of all ages. groups and continents.

Objective 1: “To increase awareness of the importance of listening safely and changing behavior for the target group (young people)”: this is the most difficult objective, because changing behavior is not easy. We focus on promoting #safelistening school programs, young ambassadors going to schools, including #safelistening information in textbooks, musicians talking to their fans, safe listening Wikipedia page, promoting of the LinkedIn group, the testing of social media campaigns and many other initiatives with a focus on young people.

Objective 2: “Convincing Smartphone and Headset Manufacturers to Implement the WHO/ITU Global Standard for Safe Listening Devices”: We actively included manufacturers in the development of the industry’s safe listening standards. WHO/ITU, and more and more of them are now applying it in their products. We need to create much more “audibility or visibility” of these great features and products, and we want to welcome podcasters, social media influencers and organizations, to evaluate the #safelistening aspects of audio/video products and promote the good practices.

Objective 3: “Educate and advocate with governments and policy makers on the importance of secure listening regulations”: we need you, to help us reach governments and policy makers, to put standards and #safelistening best practices, implementing them in local regulations.

Objective 4: “Educating Sound Engineers, Event Organizers, Musicians, the Music Industry, Record Labels and Others About WHO Safe Listening Standards and Guidelines”: Here, the news WHO global standard for safe listening places and events is now in focus. Come and discover this great new standard and help us promote it widely, so that musicians, sound engineers can create #safelistening events. Did you know that UNESCO has created a UNESCO week of sound every year? The members of our working group are also very involved and ensure that safe listening is well represented here.

We cordially invite you to join our actions.

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