March 15 city council meeting includes nearly $21 million for Megasite

The agenda for the Tuesday, March 15, meeting of the Greensboro City Council starting at 4:30 p.m. is much more normal than the February 15 agenda, which did not include any element of a public hearing.

Since the city council only holds one business meeting per month, the meeting on the third Tuesday of the month is usually filled with public hearing items, including annexation and rezoning requests. But last month, there were none.

The March 15 agenda has 12 public hearing items, including 10 items related to annexation and the original zoning. Since City Council is required to hold a public hearing for both the annexation application and the initial zoning application, the 10 public hearings relate to five initial annexation and zoning applications.

The announcement that Toyota would build a battery manufacturing plant at the Greensboro Randolph Megasite was made in December, and three items on the agenda deal with construction at the Megasite.

One such appeal is asking the City Council to approve reimbursement to the North Carolina Department of Transportation of up to $20 million for “the cost of installing water and sewer services in construction area”.

There is a second line item to make budget adjustments in the Water Resources Capital Project Revenue Bond Fund to effect this repayment.

City Council is also being asked to approve a professional design services contract for the megasite’s water and sewer service with HDR Engineering Inc. for just under $1 million.

In accordance with the City Council’s current policy on open meetings, the City Council meeting is open to the public with limited capacity, and those who wish to speak at the meeting must leave after their item of business. day was voted.

The public is, however, “encouraged” to join the meeting via Zoom rather than in person. Board members also have the option to join the meeting via Zoom.

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