Mason Greenwood Audio Recording Clip goes viral on social media

LISTEN: Mason Greenwood Audio Recording Clip is going viral on social media: Mason Greenwood revolves around controversies on social media platforms. As his girlfriend took to her social media account, she posted a video in which she posted a video in which she said her boyfriend physically and sexually attacked her. It made him swirl around the web. His girlfriend is Harriet Robson, is what she claims is actually true or is she making him make the wrong accusations? Stay tuned for us to follow a full incident. Follow more updates at

Mason Greenwood audio recording

In our opinion, it is hard to believe that such a prominent or celebrated figure could be involved in this act. The couple are in a long-term relationship as there are several pictures of them on their social media accounts. After the video surfaced on the internet, Grand Manc Police here had given full details of the incident. The footballer is now under arrest facing charges of rape and assault yesterday with his girlfriend. As her fans await her reaction to the allegations. But he hasn’t reacted yet.

Robson posted some of the images in which she shows the wounds on her body given to ger by Greenwood according to her allegations. She even claimed that he tried to physically abuse her. Manchester United said: “We are very aware of the images and allegations released by Robson and these mashes are spreading around the world as the footballer is the world famous player. So until the facts come out, we are not in a phase of saying anything else about the same thing.

Mason Greenwood's girlfriend, Harriet Robson

Mason Greenwood Audio recording Listen

Mason Greenwood's girlfriend, Harriet Robson

The investigator called on people not to forward any comments and not to share these images until there are confirmed sources or reports. On Google, there is a keyword that has been the most searched and trending, “Mason Greenwood rape video” while based on the search terms ones on the rise, “Mason Greenwood tape recording” and “Mason Greenwood audioscript”.

It is clear that his fans and the people are looking for the video which led to the arrest of the footballer. And this video was posted by his girlfriend. The investigation is continuing and officers are asking not to share the videos and photos. This is the most sensitive subject.

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