Matthew “Formatt” DeFreitas’ Bay Eight recording studios are top-notch and world-class

A studio, with studio engineers, can make or break records. Finding a good studio to cultivate your sound can be extremely difficult, and the search can be daunting. However, once this state-of-the-art studio is found, a musical artist can see their music dramatically improved in quality and will see their music flourish. Matthew DeFreitas (aka Formatt) created such a studio in the heart of Miami Beach.

Bay Eight Recording Studios was founded in 2015 by Mattew DeFreitas. DeFreitas’ career beginnings began in Boston, in 2004, at a studio called “Boston Skyline Studio”. While at Boston Skyline Studio, he was able to develop his skills and learn the tools of the trade. He eventually landed an internship in Miami, then went into freelance audio engineering work. Like a true go-getter, Matthew DeFreitas branched out and created the iconic Bay Eight Recording Studios.

Bay Eight Recording Studios is a three-room facility with cozy interiors in an ultra-creative atmosphere. Its three studio rooms are acoustically designed to capture high quality recordings. The software used and the equipment that is equipped in the studio rooms are top notch. Some of the equipment is as follows: a renowned SSL AWS 900 console, two Tube-Tech CL 1Bs, two Neve 1073s and two API 512Cs in the studio’s SSL and Apollo rooms.

In 2021, Bay Eight underwent a refurbishment, bringing in Ross Alexander of Synergetic Services to handle the redesign of the SSL room. The SSL room is now brandishing a brand new custom pair of Augspurger Duo 18 in-wall monitors, Barefoot MM27 Micro Mains, Genelec 8361A monitors, a vintage Pultec EQP-1A and Pultec MEQ-5, and a new Sony C-800G. microphone. The latest additions have dramatically improved the already perfect sound the studio is known for.

Similar to Bay Eight Recording Studios owner Formatt – who is a multi-platinum sound engineer, Bay Eight Recordings Studio has won several awards including the coveted GRAMMY Award. Bay Eight Recording Studios has also worked with countless household names and companies. Formatt’s Bay Eight Recording Studios has only been around for less than a decade, and it’s already had legendary clients and results. Bay Eight Recording Studios is a studio that will likely stand the test of time and impact the world of music for generations to come. Learn more about Bay Eight Recording Studios here.


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