Mobvoi’s dictaphone AI Recorder automatically transcribes audio


(Pocket-lint) – If you’ve ever spent hours manually transcribing long conversations, you are very familiar with the utter monotony of the task. And, while there are some amazing apps that help with this these days, Mobvoi has just released a new dictaphone – the AI ​​Recorder – specially designed for it.

It is shaped like traditional portable audio recorders, but has the added function of being able to transcribe your conversation or podcast directly into text, saving you hours of extra work. It has to be precise, of course, otherwise it’s no good. Modvoi claims an accuracy rate of 94% which is pretty good!

It uses two microphones to record audio and filter out ambient sounds with its noise cancellation technology. Once registered, it can be transferred via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 5.0 to your favorite device. Transfer times can be as fast as a minute over Wi-Fi for an hour of recording, or 30 minutes with Bluetooth. It even has AGC (Automatic Gains Control) which analyzes where the speaker is in relation to the mics.


The Modvoi AI recorder has up to 10 hours of recording time and 16 GB of internal storage.

Modvoi focused a lot on the transport of the AI ​​recorder. Not only is it really small, but it has a clip, a magnetic surface and a hole for hanging it.

Now, you can’t necessarily expect it to transcribe every language in the world, so it starts with two of the most common, English and Chinese (Mandarin). Other languages ​​will be released in time.

Prices are $ 99.99 / € 99.99 / £ 79.99 for the AI ​​recorder and a one-year subscription to transcription services. After that, it’s $ 69.99 per year for other transcription services.

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