Niv Arts and Little Lamb join forces to produce Slate

Level Art Films and Small lamb films join forces to produce a list of Malayalam and Bengali movies. The first collaboration and co-production “Whispers of Fire & Water” is part of the viewing room and Cinema bazaar Recommends segments of the National Film Development Corporation’s (NFDC) ongoing Film Bazaar 2022.

Written and directed by debutant Lubdhak Chatterjee, whose short ‘Aahuti’ was in Rotterdam in 2020, ‘Whispers of Fire’ is a Hindi, Bengali and English film set in eastern India. It traces the journey of a sound installation artist who visits the largest coal mining region in eastern India. There he encounters dwindling natural resources and a landscape shaped by fire and water.

Delhi-based Niv Art Movies, by Shaji and Aruna Mathew, has produced critically acclaimed films in the past, including ‘S Durga’, winner of the 2017 Tiger Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, and ‘Chola’, which won played at the Venice Film Festival in 2019.

Mumbai-based Little Lamb Films of Bauddhayan and Monalisa Mukherji has produced independent films such as “The Cloud & the Man” (Tallinn Black Nights and IFF 2021) and “The Violin Player” (Raindance Film Festival, 2016).

The slate also includes “A Miracle of Love” by Jiju Anthony, which previously premiered at the Asian Project Market in Busan in 2021. The film chronicles a mother’s attempt to break through with her autistic child and is inspired by the experiences Anthony’s personal. Anthony has already directed “The Forsaken” (“Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani”).

Bapi Bit, who has been directing television commercials for a decade, is preparing his first feature film, “Bairi. The Hindi-Malayalam project is a story of enmity between two fishermen that has serious consequences.

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