NSHM Kolkata’s first state-of-the-art ‘audio-visual production van’ of its kind to help students produce over 200 projects


October 30, 2021 11:03 AM STI

New Delhi [India], October 30 (ANI / SRV Media): India, September 29, 2021 – The School of Media and Communication of the NSHM (NSMC) is the only Indian institute to have a state-of-the-art audiovisual production van ( AV production) to allow students to participate in live audio-video productions in various locations. The AV Production pickup truck is equipped with the latest 4K high definition cameras, gadgets and video work equipment that will help media students deliver HD content live and on demand. With this van, NSMC students can participate in live projects based on the outdoors. With the introduction of location-based learning at NSMC, students will enter a new phase of learning. So far, over 200 projects have been mentored and will soon be implemented by NSHM students with the help of AV Production van. In addition to being a trailer for students, these projects will air on Y-TV, NSMC’s upcoming web TV channel, and provide a platform for students to practice their learning in the classroom.
The AV production van is a small production control room that can be moved to different locations where events or video production can be filmed. These are used for outdoor broadcasts, remote broadcasts and electronic field productions. AV Production van is useful for capturing live events that are too large to fit indoors or take place in a specially designed TV studio, such as shooting unique locations. AV Production van facilitates the live broadcast of sporting events, live functions, indoor concerts and performances. Unlike working in the studio, where the director can take a photo again if necessary, the AV Production Vans are live productions, outside the seat. The entire event is broadcast live, including visuals, audio, special effects, graphics, commentary and recorded to hard drive as it occurs.
NSMC’s AV production van includes a host of cutting-edge gadgets to provide a holistic production experience for students:
3 SONY PXW Z190 4K video cameras, connected with 70ft long SDI and HDMI cables, LED lights, tripods and accessories
1 SONY HVR-Z7P HDV video camera
3 SONY DSR PD-170 DVCAM video cameras
Blackmagic Atem Television Pro-HD 8 Cam Live Production Mixer
Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio Recorder for playback / recording formats including 4K and full
HD on hard drive

Apple Mac System for AV & Graphics Playback
4 Sennheiser G4 wireless lapels for professional quality live sound recording.
2 Rode Boom microphones to capture live sound
Zoom L12 Track digital audio console for digital sound recording
LiveU Solo for Live Streaming in Full HD
4 Walky Talky for long range wireless communication
Supported by rugged generator and cables.
NSMC students were able to produce several projects with the AV Production van installation thanks to the guidance of professors and members of the technical team. The first project titled “IVF-Boon to Infertility” was an interview with the legendary Dr Baidyanath Chakravarty, father of 4000 test tube babies and took place at the Institute of Reproductive Medicine, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, where selected students from PG interviewed the famous doctor; and the second project was called “Lockdown Impact On Fishermen’s Livelihood”, a narrative on the daily livelihoods of fishermen and a roundtable involving them. It took place in Canning (South 24 Parganas – West Bengal) performed by selected PG and UG journalism students specializing in electronic media. Both projects enabled students to implement the principles of journalism to practice and participate in the outdoor student journalism project.
Another project titled “Zinda Dil”, an all-day live video production of “Aangan,” was hosted by the NSHM’s internal performing arts portal, in which NSHM students contributed songs and shared their experiences with the pandemic. The inaugural event featured a panel discussion between prominent personalities on ‘Education during Covid-19 and beyond’, which was broadcast live from the AV Production van.
To learn more, visit: NSHM% 27s% 20AudioVideo% 20Production% 20Van “rel =” noopener “target =” _blank “> https://bit.ly/2ZzHpUl
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