Owen Sound Council discusses Flato’s plan to build 829-unit subdivision

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City Council has received its first detailed look at a company’s plan to create an 829-unit residential subdivision across from Georgian College and East Ridge Community School in Owen Sound.

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Staff presented a technical report on the Greystone Village mixed-use subdivision proposal in Flato Owen Sound on Monday evening. It included project information, such as details of the company’s proposed plan of subdivision and official plan and requests to change the zoning by-law to facilitate development at 1409 and 1415 8 e Saint-E.

Mayor Ian Boddy said this was the first report council has received on the project and comes just two months after the company submitted full applications to town hall.

“It is a proven company, like many others that we have had. And we need different styles of housing, so we’ll see what the public tells the developer, but it makes sense and it would be nice to do it, ”he said in an interview.

Boddy was referring to a walk-in “community engagement meeting”. Flato Developments has scheduled Wednesday to receive public comments on the subdivision plan. This meeting is scheduled to take place from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Best Western Inn on the Bay.

Boddy said he plans to attend.

Flato’s draft plan of subdivision outlines the lots, blocks and roads proposed for development, according to the technical report.

It shows a 160-unit apartment building near the center of the 74-acre site, surrounded by several blocks containing 318 back-to-back row houses, 222 street-facing townhouses, and 111 street-facing townhouse units. back.

Eighteen lots on the east side of the property are intended for single-family homes, while three blocks along 8 e East Street must contain commercial uses.

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Flato also plans to expand four existing city streets through the development – 16 e East Avenue, 15 e Avenue East, 6 e East Street and 7 e Street East – and build many local roads on the site.

The subdivision plan also shows three park blocks and a stormwater management pond near the southeast corner.

Flato’s official plan amendment request, meanwhile, proposes to increase the density allowed in the “residential” designation from a maximum of 50 units per hectare to a maximum of 60 units per hectare, the report said.

The company is also proposing to change the zone categories within the site, including changing certain rural areas to multi-residential and low-density residential areas, and to establish site-specific and building-specific zone regulations that apply. single-family homes, townhouses and collective dwellings. residential housing, the report says.

Several city councilors said Flato’s proposal was good news for the city.

“The company has done a tremendous job of reaching out to the community and moving forward with an open house or information session to post their plans,” Coun said. Scott Greig said.

Com. Marion Koepke said development was “much needed” in the region.

Amy Cann, director of planning and heritage for Owen Sound, said the technical report is intended to inform council of the details of the request, next steps and to seek further guidance if necessary.

She said city staff and all commenting agencies are now reviewing Flato’s submissions for comment.

The Board approved a recommendation in the technical report that staff continue to process Flato’s claims in accordance with the process described in the technical report.

The city plans to hold a public meeting on Flato’s nominations in the first quarter of 2022.

A recommendation report to the board will then be presented in the second quarter of next year.

Flato chairman Shakir Rehmatullah told The Sun Times the company would like to market homes in its Greystone village project next summer and start construction within 12 to 24 months.

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