Pacific Rim Writer Releases New Audio Drama “Impact Winter”

Travis Beacham is best known for writing Pacific Rim and its sequel, Pacific Rim: Uprising, but the screenwriter has just taken up writing a unique audio drama exclusively for Audible.

Impact Winter is a post-apocalyptic vampire tale that feels more like a podcast than an audiobook, with voice actors, sound effects, and more of those classic elements we’ve come to expect from an old-school radio show. .

“That’s what feels special to me: when you put headphones on and listen to it, you feel like you’re there and you feel like you’re in the world,” Beacham said during an interview with Audible.

Impact WinterThe story revolves around the last remnants of humanity battling vampires in a world darkened by ash from a catastrophic comet strike. The humans have all retreated underground, but a young vampire hunter has emerged to save what’s left of the human race.

The voice acting is top-notch, drawing on a wide variety of talent ranging from Game of Thrones’ Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth) and Bella Ramsey (Lyanna Mormont) to Station Eleven’s Himesh Patel (Jeevan Chaudhary).

“I knew early on that I wanted it to be mostly about the sisters,” Beacham continued in her Audible interview. “When you write genre stuff, a lot of times in the industry, there’s always like a main guy and it’s always kind of the same guy. He’s like brooding and haunted and a little rough around the edges. I just got sick of writing this guy, so in developing the characters for that, I just thought, “I’m just not going to have this guy in it,” because the minute you put him her, all attention gravitates towards him.

The interview keep on going in a much deeper look at the history, the audio production itself and the process.

Impact Winter is now available as a podcast on Audible.

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