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workshop design

Each workshop in the series is designed in a dream, describe, create, celebrate format, a remix of the creative learning spiral (imagine, create, play, share, reflect), guiding students through small group discussions, then around this topic. For instance:

The first workshop, “Community Dreaming”, was for young people to (1) discuss what community means to them and their hope for the future of the communities they belong to, (2) imagine what community might look like. future of their community love and draw a representation of this, and (3) engage in creative learning by completing Scratch projects.

Another ‘Identity and Role Models’ workshop was designed to allow young people to reflect on (1) who are the role models they look up to, including members of their family, community or those they think of as superheroes, (2) who or what they want to look like in the future, and (3) engage in creative learning by doing Octoplay projects.

The layout of the workshops was designed to take into account the considerations of space, resources and experience unique to each community organization. Much of the design of the workshop was informed by direct observations and direct input from the leaders of each organization and their students. The theme of the program around the dream emerged from one of the community values ​​already high at Blackyard.

This co-design process also led to workshops specifically tailored to each organization and the specific interests of their children. For example, with Freedom Skatepark, a workshop focused on young people’s passion for creating music. Combining our Dream, Describe, Create, Celebrate format with a music-based program “One Mic to One Mouse” designed by Rica G., this workshop allowed young people to learn and explore (1) rhythm, ( 2) poetry, language and lyricism, and (3) audio production by making their own “MIDI” sampling devices out of modeling clay and found objects with Makey Makeys. The workshop was also facilitated by local musician and artist Romario “Runkus” Bennett.

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