PRH staff participate in audio recording of Patterson’s latest book


Penguin Random House (PRH) announced a “hit production” for James Patterson’s audio edition The noise (Little, Brown), which appears August 5 and features PRH staff members.

A cast of 11 professional actors and enthusiastic staff members from the Penguin Audio and Cornerstone crew recorded the 58 characters that appear throughout the thriller, as well as dramatic scenes such as running, screaming, and breaking down a door using the thriller. ‘an axe.

The noise tells the story of young sisters Sophie and Tennant Riggin, who are the only two people to withstand a massive explosion that destroys their community, located in the shadow of Mount Hood in Oregon. The editor’s synopsis explains, “An elite government investigative team is dispatched to research the fallout and the girls – why did they alone survive? – with contradictory objectives. For Dr. Martha Chan, a psychologist who analyzes large-scale medical emergencies: Study them. For Lt. Col. Alexander Fraser, a career military leader with an inherent distrust of civilians: contain them. But as unrest recurs in the Pacific Northwest, it threatens to overthrow the chain of command. Dr. Chan and Lieutenant-Colonel Fraser are caught between the perpetrators of the threat, and those with the power to resist… “

Professional talent includes Skye Bennett and Raj Ghatak, who is known for his roles on stage and on screen, most notably as Sweetie in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Bollywood musical “Bombay Dreams” and as Grayson in the Channel 4 drama “Dead Set,” written by Emmy winner. Charlie Brooker.

Publishing assistant Lisa Cohen, who volunteered to record a cameo, said: “I was delighted to be part of the audio book recording of The noise. Taking a look behind the scenes at Penguin Studios allowed me to see one of our incredible producers at work, capturing the weirdness and suspense of this novel. The noise lends itself perfectly to the audio format and I have no doubt that this will be another outstanding production from Penguin Random House. I can’t believe I will be able to hear my voice in an audiobook, it’s pretty surreal! “

Audio editor Meredith Benson added: “The noise was a hugely ambitious blockbuster production, which we are delighted to bring to James Patterson fans. Original music, sound effects and the cast of over 20 voices add texture and drama to this eerie thriller for a truly immersive experience. The staff have loved reading and working on James Patterson’s books for years, so this was the perfect opportunity for those who are very inclined to get involved in a new way by playing cameo roles in this book epic audio.

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