Product Spotlight: KLANG Announces New KLANG: konductor


The Company’s Most Powerful In-Ear Mixing Processor Currently Showing at PLASA

KLANG announced the KLANG: konductor at PLASA. The company’s most powerful and versatile immersive in-ear mixing processor to date, KLANG: konductor is currently on display at booth G11 at PLASA Olympia in London (September 5-7).

“After joining forces with DiGiCo in 2018 and releasing workflow integration for its consoles, more and more monitor engineers have implemented an immersive KLANG IEM processor in their workflows,” said the co- founder of KLANG, Dr Pascal Dietrich. “In the beginning, only the most critical channels for lead artists were sent through the processor, but the desire for more input channels, and therefore new creative and organizational possibilities, grew further. “

“KLANG: konductor is the Swiss army knife of audio format conversion and is becoming very practical as an interface for virtual sound controls or multitrack recordings, at the same time as it is used as an immersive processor,” he added.

Designed for monitor engineers and fixed installations, KLANG: konductor meets this demand with a high-end mixing system that can deliver 16 immersive mixes and process 128 input signals up to 96 kHz, with processing latency astonishing less than 0.25 ms.

“Our combined R&D teams were able to harness twice the processing power in a single 3RU device than in any of our previous processors using the latest ultra-fast FPGA cores,” explained the director. technique by KLANG Benedikt Krechel. “Many of our customers appreciate the I / O flexibility offered by our first KLANG: fabrik, but we know they have to adapt quickly to different I / O situations when traveling in different countries. KLANG: konductor greatly extends this flexibility and allows the user to choose I / O on the fly.

The seamless integration into DiGiCo’s control interface and the intuitive KLANG: app give engineers direct control, with KLANG: kontroller allowing musicians to control their own mix. This combination guarantees maximum flexibility, with mixes always quickly accessible, as well as quick access to system and mix parameters.

Although few headphone amps are suitable for low impedance in-ear headphones, KLANG: konductor offers the same studio-grade amplifier circuitry as KLANG: Quelle on the front of the unit. This allows engineers to directly connect their headphones, route their console’s cue output to them, and seamlessly switch to a KLANG cue through the app.

The device also has a front-mounted 7-inch color touchscreen to allow direct control of mixing, audio setup, routing, and control indicators. A network port on the front of the unit provides power over Ethernet to directly connect a KLANG: kontroller or KLANG: Quelle, and dual redundant power supplies provide maximum reliability.

“Immersive in-ear mixing has become increasingly popular, having proven to provide crucial benefits to musicians by providing a natural listening experience and removing the feeling of isolation on stage,” said Dietrich. “KLANG: konductor is our most powerful and flexible processor to date, and offers engineers and musicians an extremely powerful, yet easy-to-use system that delivers all of these benefits and more. “

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