Radio Today bought by the publisher Radioinfo


AMT Pty Ltd, the publisher of Radioinfo in Australia and New Zealand, Asia and Africa, announced the acquisition of Radio Today.

Radio Today will operate independently. This includes the Radio Today Podcast Awards, the Radio Today 30 Under 30 Awards, and the weekly Podcasting Today newsletter.

Content director and editor Vivienne Kelly will be leaving the company on November 19 following a restructuring.

Commercial details of the acquisition have not been announced.

Radio Today was founded by Greg Smith, Brad March, Dan Bradley and Scott Muller, and was acquired in 2017 by Take 2 Media publisher Jake Challenor.

Take 2 Media will continue to publish The Music Network, the selling point of the music business.

Radioinfo editor-in-chief Peter Saxon said the acquisition of Radio Today is strategic.

“Australia is one of the most competitive radio markets on the planet, recognized as a global leader in all aspects of audio production and broadcasting,” says Saxon.

“It is only fitting that over the past decade the industry has been well served by two outstanding publications, Radioinfo and Radio Today. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to bring the two together under one roof.

“In the same way that most radio networks operate two stations in each market they serve, Radioinfo and Radio Today will retain their individuality and a true choice for readers, while providing advertisers with highly targeted customer messages across various segments. Steps.

“The acquisition of Radio Today will provide both critical mass and an economy of scale, not only as a sister site to Radioinfo in Australia and New Zealand, but along with our other publications, and our newest addition, www.radioinfo .Africa.

“In all of our publications, we will be able to offer a 360-degree view of the audio market to advertisers, marketers, technology companies, broadcasters and podcasters. “

Jake Challenor. praised Kelly’s contribution and thanked business partners for their support.

“Viv is one of the best specialist writers in the media industry,” says Challenor.

“In her first month as Editor-in-Chief of Radio Today, pageviews increased over 65% and unique pageviews soared 67%. On a personal note, I loved working with Viv And I can’t wait to see which podcast network is savvy enough to pick up its intelligence and make it the podcast of choice for people working in the media.

“Likewise, I loved reconnecting with the world of radio. The launch of the Podcast Awards and our annual search for future leaders, the Radio Today 30 Under 30 Awards, was a real highlight. To all the networks and organizations that have supported these initiatives, thank you.

“Commercial radio has had a few tough years, but it has a bright future as a diverse audio business. The industry is full of smart, energetic and passionate people. Radio Today, under the new ownership of AMT, will continue to tell radio’s many stories.

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