Sally and her team launch a terrific digital concert

Composer Sally Greenaway

Music / “Don’t forget your music! By Sally Greenaway, an online performance, Oct. 1. ROB KENNEDY.

IInspired by the Rio 2016 Olympics and music from South America, “Don’t forget your music! By local composer Sally Greenaway highlights the quality of local composers and performers.

The actors in this recorded and online performance were David Shaw, flute: Philip Arkinstall, clarinet; Edward Neeman, piano; Barbara Jane Gilby, violin; Timothy Wickham, violin; Iska Sampson, viola and Samuel Payne, cello.

The tango-esque music in this nearly 10 minute video is filled with lots of pizzicato on the strings that fit nicely under the floating flute and upbeat piano and clarinet.

It was the first in a series of digital concerts from Greenaway’s upcoming album “Delights & Dances”. Composed for the Bangalow Music Festival 2016, Greenaway drew its impetus for this work from the community between musicians and athletes. The passion and commitment of both and the lifestyle musicians and athletes create to achieve their results seem like an obvious comparison, but only if it is emphasized.

The deliciously bouncy and rhythmic music where every instrumental voice has a say is just the break needed to clear that locking blues. Neeman on the piano is just amazing. Heard at a concert this year, a comment from an audience member describes Neeman’s abilities. “Wow he has some amazing chops.”

Every player performed well, and the video and audio production of this short clip is to be commended for its quality and excellent editing and production.

We look forward to the next installment of Greenaway’s inventive musical spirit in this series which began with a dance explosion.

The concert can be viewed for a limited time here.

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