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Live the school year in style

Whether you’re a bright-eyed newbie or a seasoned audio professional, you never stop learning in the music business. It’s one of the endless joys of making music: even if you’ve mastered one instrument or area of ​​study, there’s always another ready for you, and with so many lessons, resources, and channels to learn, it can often be a bit difficult to know where to start.

As students across the country settle back into the program for another year of study, we’re helping to shine a light on some of the best academic tools and experiences on offer in our latest special print magazine on school essentials.

Here we highlight all audio-related gear!

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Distributed by: Focusrite Australia

Characteristics: A ubiquitous presence in the small interface market, the Scarlett 2i2 is best suited for home studio artists looking for an easy way to record their songs and start performing with digital workstations. Featuring Focusrite’s impressive 3rd generation mic preamps with Instrument and Air options for different sound sources (and with the aforementioned Air setting emulating Focusrite’s signature ISA preamps), the 2i2 is a rite of passage for anyone looking to enter in the world of digital recording. and songwriting.

With monitor control, headphone input, phantom power and everything in between, it has everything you would expect/demand from a small-scale interface, but with some nifty tricks up its sleeve, like bonus plugins, the iPad compatibility, not to mention Focusrite. Proprietary “Gain Halos” providing an impressive visual reference for gain adjustment.

Globally: A simple, intuitive interface with plenty of handy features and smart workflows to streamline the recording process and get you usable results in the shortest possible time, the 2i2 is the perfect gateway to a life of recording.

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Zaor Yesk 2 studio desk

Distributed by: Koala Audio

Characteristics: With three tiers and a total of eight 1U rack spaces, the new Yesk 2 is a terrific investment for any recording environment where space is at a premium. The all-wood tubeless construction minimizes potential resonance or monitoring nuisance, while the open keyboard tray is ideal for tucking away when it’s time to track guitars or other instruments that require freedom of movement.

Measuring just 1.5m wide, it’s just the right size to tuck away in the corner of a bedroom or office and the surprising amount of rack space is ideal for keeping equipment and neatly arranged cables, which will undoubtedly add some feng shui points.

Globally: Every student needs a desk and there is perhaps no bigger name in studio furniture than Zaor. Their new Yesk 2 is the perfect compact solution, perfect for budding bedroom recording enthusiasts or anyone who needs a space-saving, optimized studio desk.

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Zaor Onda Inclined Studio Desk

Distributed by: Koala Audio

Characteristics: For school or higher education provider or even for students lucky enough to have a dedicated studio space, the Onda Angled by Zaor is without a doubt one of the best studio-specific desks floating around today. With an ergonomic, wraparound design and plenty of desktop space for daw controllers, MIDI keyboards and more, it’s ideal for anyone looking for a little extra room to work. With 12 angled 1U rack slots, it’s perfect for anyone who wants easy access to their outboard. Beautifully crafted from solid oak or ash, the Onda is perfect for those who plan to spend a lot of time at their desk, something professionals and students alike can no doubt relate to.

Globally: A premium solution to the studio furniture debacle, the Onda Angled is everything you need in a studio office and more.

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M-Audio AIR interfaces

Distributed by: Electrical plant

Characteristics: M-Audio’s AIR interfaces are quality through and through. Typical is the AIR 192 | 4 Vocal Studio Pro which combines the critically acclaimed AIR 192 | 4, HDH40 headphones, Nova Black condenser microphone, XLR cable and the premium AIR Series software suite, this has everything you need in one place to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The AIR series is capable of recording at 192kHz/24bit and features its Crystal preamps which combined provide a transparent and low noise recording process.

Globally: M-Audio is one of the most revered names in music computer interface and studio integration solutions, so the flexibility of the AIR Series is meant to please everyone. All M-Audio AIR interfaces come with Pro Tools | First M-Audio Edition and Ableton Live Lite to make sure you’re ready to start exercising as soon as possible. The interfaces themselves are easy to use and feature USB-C connections providing a low latency experience and have physical metering on the interface so you know you’re getting the right sound.

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Zoom PodTrak P8

Distributed by: Dynamic music

Characteristics: The PodTrak P8 is a portable eight-input recorder and mixer designed to make mobile recording easy, especially for podcasting. There are headphone jacks with dedicated level controls for each mic input and eight faders for mixing your podcast in real time. The P8 additionally features ON AIR buttons which, when disabled, mean that audio is not recorded or streamed to your stream, but is still streamed into headphone mixes. USB and TRRS connections are unique to this device, allowing you to connect an external call through your phone or computer for remote participation in your podcast. It also has built-in editing capabilities via the touchscreen.

Globally: All the features we’ve grown accustomed to are here with this portable device, showcasing low noise, high gain inputs and multitrack recording plus a host of other key features that are sure to pique anyone’s interest. dipping a toe into the growing medium of podcasting and content creation. The P8 shines with its level of flexibility and built-in editing capabilities.

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Zoom R20 Multitrack Recorder

Distributed by: Dynamic music

Characteristics: The Zoom R20 is a complete, portable 16-track production station featuring eight mic preamps, four of which can provide phantom power and one can act as a high-Z instrument to really cover whatever you’re about to go through. Its eight physical inputs can be tracked simultaneously, allowing battery tracking. The R20 also comes with an internal sound module, containing 18 different instrument sounds and a drum kit, while connecting a keyboard or MIDI controller to the R20’s USB-C port will allow you to play all these sounds directly. Recordings can be stored on SDHC or SDXC cards with a maximum capacity of 1TB

Globally: The R20 is the ultimate portable multitrack recorder that will allow new or experienced studio leaders to hone their craft with its ability to follow a basic drum setup. With the optional Zoom BTA-1 Bluetooth adapter, it is also possible to control the R20 wirelessly from your iOS device, while the R20 can also import and play standard MIDI files from the SD card slot.

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Check out print edition #319 for our complete guide to school essentials!

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