SiriusXM signs exclusive multi-year agreement with “Crime Junkie” network Audiochuck


NEW YORK and INDIANAPOLIS, October 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – SiriusXM (NASDAQ: SIRI) today announced an agreement with a media and podcast company Audiochuck and its founder Ashley Flowers which gives SiriusXM exclusive sales advertising for Crime Junkie – one of the top rated podcasts in the country – as well as all the shows on the Audiochuck network, which includes top rated Anatomy of a Murder, CounterClock, and Park predators. Audiochuck, the independent media and podcast production studio, has emerged as the dominant network behind some of the most popular podcasts.

SXM Media owns the exclusive rights to sell worldwide advertisements for Audiochuck podcasts. Access for brands and marketers is only available through the advertising and sales arm of SiriusXM, Stitcher and Pandora.

The deal sees Stitcher, the No. 1 ranked podcast company by Triton and a subsidiary of SiriusXM, to distribute all Audiochuck content across all podcast platforms. Listeners can continue to listen and subscribe to Audiochuck podcasts on Stitcher, the SXM app, Pandora, and all major podcast listening platforms.

“I am incredibly excited to be working with SiriusXM,” said Ashley Flowers, founder and CEO of Audiochuck. “From day one our mission has been to create premium content that drives advocacy and change and I believe working with such an established cross-platform company will allow us to do bigger and better things and achieve more. more people with the important stories we want to tell. ”

As part of this new relationship, Audiochuck, SiriusXM, Pandora and Stitcher plan to collaborate on the development of additional content accessible across multiple platforms.

“Ashley and the Audiochuck team have shown that great passion and great storytelling together can create a meaningful business and platform for important stories that could not be told otherwise. We are committed to them. support because they provide a true critical narrative of the crime that not only informs listeners, but also an engine of social change, ”said Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer, SiriusXM. “For Ashley and other innovators in the podcasting arena, SiriusXM offers a home to do the best work of their careers. With three audio platforms as marketing vehicles that can reach the widest and most diverse audience possible, they can serve their most loyal fans and create new ones. “

“Joining SiriusXM is an important next step for our long term vision at Audiochuck,” said Kevin mills, President of Audiochuck. “We intend to use our cutting-edge content as the basis for innovating across all platforms. We look forward to this collaboration to continue our mission to deliver new shows that reach even wider audiences and to elevate the advocacy for those who need a voice most. “

The agreement was negotiated by UTA, which represents Ashley Flowers and Audiochuck.

About Audiochuck

Audiochuck is the independent media and podcast production company behind the top rated audio series including Addicted to crime, Anatomy of Murder, Counter, and Park predators. Situated at Indianapolis, the company is a long-time champion of harnessing authentic and responsible crime content to help increase awareness, resources and advocacy for victims of violent crime and affected families and loved ones. Founded in 2017 by Flowers, Audiochuck strives to elevate podcast storytelling with engaging, multi-faceted content across genres including crime, fiction, comedy, and more. Flowers also founded Season of justice, a non-profit organization dedicated to resolving unresolved cases by funding advanced DNA testing and supporting victims and their families in their efforts to resolve their cases.

On Ashley Flowers

Ashley Flowers is the Founder and CEO of Audiochuck, the award-winning independent media and podcast production company known for exceptional content and storytelling across different genres including real crime, fiction, comedy, and more. As CEO, she sets the overall content strategy and long-term vision for the company, in addition to overseeing key growth initiatives. Ashley is particularly passionate about developing true socially responsible criminal content to change the way listeners interact with the genre.

Ashley has been engaged in advocacy work and recently established the nonprofit Season of Justice to provide financial resources to law enforcement agencies and families to help resolve unsuccessful cases. resolved. She sits on the organization’s board of directors.

She also produces and hosts several Audiochuck shows, including top notch podcasts. Addicted to crime and Body chills. Ashley has launched additional podcasts under the Audiochuck banner, including Counter, Predator Park and Anatomy of Murder who all debuted at number one on the Apple charts. Beyond her work with Audiochuck, Ashley has collaborated with Parcast to launch and host several podcasts, including International infamy, very presidential and Supernatural with Ashley Flowers, which debuted at number one on the podcast charts.

Ashley was born and raised in Indiana, where she continues to live with her husband and their beloved dog, Chuck. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from Arizona State University.

About Stitcher
Stitcher is the best place to listen to, produce, and monetize podcasts. The Stitcher app is one of the world’s most popular podcast listening platforms, with a growing network of original content and premium subscription service. Stitcher is also the parent company of Midroll, the leading podcast advertising network representing over 300 of the world’s largest podcasts. And, it’s home to the premier Earwolf comedy podcast network. Stitcher has offices at Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco, and is a subsidiary of SiriusXM.

About SXM Media
SXM Media is the combined sales organization of Sirius XM Holdings Inc., covering its SiriusXM, Pandora and Stitcher audio entertainment platforms and services. With a reach of over 150 million listeners, SXM Media gives brands, creators and publishers access to the largest digital audio advertising platform in North America. SXM Media also serves as the exclusive advertising and sales representative for other platforms and podcasters, including major entities such as SoundCloud (exclusive advertising representative in the United States) and the NBCUniversal News Group (exclusive advertising representative for NBC News podcasts and MSNBC, with additional sales rights for CNBC podcasts).

About SiriusXM
Sirius XM Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: SIRI) is the leading audio entertainment company in North America, and the premier programmer and platform for audio products supported by digital and subscription advertising. Pandora, a subsidiary of SiriusXM, is the largest ad-supported audio entertainment streaming service in the United States SiriusXM and the properties of Pandora reach over 150 million listeners, the largest addressable audience in the United States, in all talking categories and podcasts. SiriusXM’s acquisitions of Stitcher and Simplecast, alongside industry-leading advertising technology company AdsWizz, make it a leader in podcast hosting, production, distribution, analytics and monetization. SiriusXM, through Sirius XM Canada Holdings, Inc., also offers satellite radio and audio entertainment in Canada. In addition to its audio entertainment business, SiriusXM offers connected vehicle services to vehicle manufacturers. To learn more about SiriusXM, visit:

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