‘Someday will sell the land…’, Mukesh, who is called the voice of Raj Kapoor, used to fast on the recording day, ‘Someday will sell the land…’, Mukesh, who is called the vocals by Raj Kapoor, used to fast on the day of recording

New Delhi. “Ek din bika jayega maati ke mole, jag mein reh jayenge pyare tere bol…” Mukesh, dubbed the voice of showman Raj Kapoor, is still alive in the minds of music lovers. Mukesh is still known for his classic Hindi songs. Mukesh has rewarded many Raj Kapoor songs with his melodious voice. In which popular songs like ‘Dost-Dost Na Raha’, ‘Jeena Yahan Marna Yahan’, ‘Kehta Hai Joker’, ‘Duniya Banane Wale Kya Tere Mann Mein Samai’, ‘Awara Hoon’ and ‘Mera Joota Hai Japanese’ are included. . Mukesh was very famous not only in India but also abroad. Mukesh will always be remembered for his unforgettable contribution to Hindi cinema.

didn’t want to be a singer

Not being good at studies, Mukesh dropped out of school in the middle. Perhaps these many people would know that Mukesh never wanted to become a singer and his father did not want his son to become a singer at all. Once, Mukesh was singing a song at the wedding of the sister of one of his relatives, Motilal. Motilal liked Mukesh’s voice so much that he brought him to Mumbai and gave him some musical training. This is how Mukesh’s musical journey started and upon seeing him, he became a shining star of the music world.

used for fasting on check-in day

It is said of Mukesh that he loved music so much that he used to fast on the day his songs were recorded. Mukesh was so devoted to his work that he used to take only warm milk and water until his recording was finished.

Mukesh has sung all kinds of songs in his life but he got real recognition from his painful songs. Let us tell you that Mukesh was the first male singer to receive the Filmfare Award. On this day, August 27, 1976, the great singer Mukesh died of a heart attack while performing on stage in America. At that time, he sang the song “Ek Din Bick Jayega Maati Ke Mool, Jag Mein Reh Jayenge Pyare Tere Bol”.

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