Speaker of Greek Parliament Says Building Noise and Earthquake Have Been Controlled | greece, politics


ATHENS – The earthquakes that regularly shake Greece, mostly minor, have not affected the structural integrity of the historic Parliament building, the institution’s current president Konstantinos Tassoulas said, adding that he was checked after seismic activity.

He was responding to professor at Panayiotis Karydis National Technical University, who told state broadcaster ERT that there were 10 cracks inside the 178-year-old building and another at the main entrance, at the- above the monument to the unknown soldier.

Karydis said they were created by earthquakes and the construction of the underground garage to accommodate people authorized to be in Parliament and have a place nearby for their vehicles in the crowded area of ​​Syntagma Square. “I’m not claiming it’s dangerous because I haven’t done an assessment, but it does mean more attention is needed,” Karydis, who heads NTUA’s lab for the technology, told ERT. earthquake resistant, adding that “without timely and correct interventions, every static problem worsens”.

Tassoulas told reporters that “there is no problem, no alarm” regarding the stability of the building.

“Every modernization project carried out in the Greek Parliament has improved and strengthened the structural integrity of the building,” he said, adding that during the construction of the underground garage, engineers added support columns which further strengthened its stability.

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