Spectrum Sound Moves Macro to DiGiCo’s Quantum Platform

Over the past four decades, Spectrum Sound has become one of the nation’s leading providers of professional audio equipment rental and production services. Along with this growth, the Nashville-based company has steadily invested in DiGiCo mixing consoles, starting with its first pair of compact SD9 desks purchased for MercyMe’s Welcome to the New tour in 2014.

During the recent pandemic shutdown period, when many companies were downsizing, Spectrum conversely chose to adopt DiGiCo’s new Quantum platform in a major way with the purchase of several offices Quantum7, Quantum338 and Quantum225, adding to its already impressive fleet of DiGiCo consoles.

“DiGiCo’s SD7 has long been considered the sound industry’s premier console on tour, and with the availability of the powerful Quantum Engine, a number of our customers specifically requested the new Quantum7, so we purchased six of them” , declares Spectrum Sound Director of Live Sound Sales Bobby George. “We’ve had great success with the SD range over the years, and the Quantum7 gives our touring engineers a stellar platform they can scale to as their artists needs grow, offering a number of channels higher, two engines for redundancy and nodal processing for monitors, plus Mustard Processing and Spice Rack.There has also been tremendous interest and demand for DiGiCo’s smaller Quantum338 and Quantum225 desktops, so we decided to selling all of our rental inventory of SD10 consoles and replacing them with these, and they have been very well received so far.

Spectrum Live Sound account manager Andrew Sullivan notes that the new Quantum7 consoles, in particular, have been used in many recent productions, including shows from the Nashville Symphony, Thomas Rhett, Elevation Worship, Need To Breathe, One Republic and the K-LOVE. Fan Awards, among others. “We love DiGiCo because of their sound quality, reliability, and just as importantly, the support of the DiGiCo/Group One family. We know that when we send DiGiCo gear on the road, we’re providing our customers with products high quality that will represent Spectrum Sound in the best possible way.

With live events finally in full swing again, Spectrum is well positioned to continue serving the rental industry with what is firmly at the top of today’s gear racers.

“Our Quantum consoles are perfect for all types of major productions, from touring to festivals to high-end corporate events, and we have them available when our customers need them,” adds George. “Our early commitment to the Quantum platform not only gives us maximum return on investment on these consoles, but also ensures that our customers will experience the very best in sound, features, performance and reliability for years to come. .”

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