Swayam Bhatia and Michael Winslow to direct feature-length audio drama – deadline


EXCLUSIVE: Family podcasts and audio dramas are considered one of the fastest growing industries in the booming podcast world.

Gen-Z Media has produced a slew and lined up their latest project, a feature-length audio drama featuring the vocal talents of Succession and The Mighty Ducks: game changers star Swayam Bhatia and Michael Winslow, better known as Larvell Jones in the Police academy movie theater.

Iowa Chapman and the Last Dog, which is produced in partnership with Dolby Atmos, takes place in a future world where animals have all but disappeared.

Bhatia plays Iowa Chapman, a 12-year-old who received what may be the last remaining dog, played by Winslow. Set in a pocalyptic future, climate change and overconsumption have made our planet a very different place, pursued by evil regulators, Iowa and Doggo have embarked on a journey in search of Haven, a legendary island where some believe animals could still live.

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The project, which, according to the company, is part of the WALL-E and The Lorax is scheduled to premiere in early August.

This is the company’s second audio drama mixed in Dolby Atmos, following its re-release of the 2016 Peabody-Award winning mystery. The inexplicable disappearance of Mars Patel, which is being adapted by Disney +.

“We make shows that families enjoy listening to together and that they talk about afterwards,” said Ben Strouse, CEO of Gen-Z Media. “The unlikely friendship of a teenage girl who never saw an animal and a dog who never had a home is an intriguing relationship, and their adventure together not only allows us to imagine where the change is. Uncontrolled climate could lead us, but it builds a timeless story of facing your fears and overcoming adversity that tweens, teens and adults can relate to.

Chris Tarry, who leads the design and production team at GZM, added, “The format provides an exciting and more immersive experience that enhances the most diverse settings and situations you can imagine. When Iowa and Doggo go down a whitewater river on a small raft, you’re right there with them.

Gen-Z Media is replaced by Verve.

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